Here's the first project from my workshop after the 2008 Clean-up, a refurbished Electrolux Model XXX.

All it needed was to be cleaned and polished. The motor is in perfect running order. The "before" machine is in the exact condition that the "after" machine WAS, before I cleaned it up.

This is going to be a special gift for a good friend who is going to come by tomorrow for the "Great Sweeper Giveaway," but who is not (yet!) a vacuum cleaner afficionado. He's coming just for fun. I'm hoping that this unexpected present will whet his appetite for more!

I supplied a later set of attachments, rather than the original XXX set, because this vacuum cleaner will be put to actual use by a "civilian" who will find the newer attachments more manageable. I also threw in an air-powered floor polisher just for fun.

Here are a some photos, then see the link for a brief video.








The happy recipient - my friend J0hn.


I'd say he seems pleased!




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