Well, the deed is done. My 2008 Sweeper Giveaway Crew has come and gone.

They did a great job of reducing my inventory, reducing the mountain o' vacs by at least two-thirds. Here are some photos of our fun and happy day together!


"Here a vac, there a vac, everywhere a vac-vac...!"


Things started to get ugly when I decided I wanted to keep that Electrolux, and Craig decided he was going to have it even if he had to "pry it out of my cold, dead hands!" (Just kidding, of course!!)


"So many sweepers, so little time."


Craig and Christine discuss the metaphysical ramifications of the extra-long Kirby crevice tool.


Trying to remember the last time anyone saw a whole box of Kirby floor polisher attachments in the same place.


Craig seemed SO happy to find this PN2... so why the H@#$ didn't he take it then?!


Rick lovingly caresses a rare, black, plastic WWII-era Electrolux XXX rug nozzle (made of plastic instead of metal for the wartime effort).


Christine making sure nothing's moving around in that bag.......


Christine with all her goodies, and her cutely dirty hands!


Rick stands in chin-dropped awe over the ugliest vacuum cleaner in captivity.


Showing how to separate frozen steel wands and nozzles (note the hammer!)


Craig tidies up the driveway with a newfound friend, an Electrolux Model L. Note the rare commercial-size floor nozzle.


Sweetie-Lux trotting along behind like a devoted little doggie.


Craig, overcome by the sweet, cute Doggie-Lux, decides to adopt it and spare it from an unseemly and untimely destruction!


And now, for a "before-and-after" comparison...


B E F O R E . . .


... and ...


A F T E R !


Here's what was left over [other than the blue Lux L which Craig ended up falling in love with!].


They really did a great job, didn't they!



A Good Time Was Had By All!




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