Workshop Giveaway — The Offer

Yes, it's "Spring Clean" time again, which means time for the more-or-less annual Great American Garage Clean-up. This time I did it by myself so y'all are off the hook. It was not as big a chore as it has been in the past, as I did not let it go as far. But there was plenty to do, believe you me; and there is plenty of stuff that I do not want to put back. I swear, this stuff multiplies when I'm not looking.......!

Hence this invitation.

If you're not doing anything this coming Saturday (May 17), come on over to Casa Electrolux around 11 a.m. to poke through sweeper goodies and hopefully pile up lots of stuff home with you.

There is stuff, there is junk, and there are some treasures. I will have quite a few nice goodies for y'all to fight over -- I know that some folks will leave here =very= happy.

And -- best part: This time, you don't have to do any work! Just come on by for some impromptu sweeper fellowship and a treasure hunt. Of course there's "no cost or obligation" for anything -- I just want to see as much stuff go to those who will want it as possible. What doesn't get taken will go into the trash bins so PLEASE don't leave empty handed!

I'm not sure yet how to handle the things that more than one person might want. Maybe we can draw straws or something. Any ideas??

There will also be lots of fun "Show and Tell." We'll have a real actual Bison -- maybe the only one in captivity in Southern California? And I'll have on display some of the great stuff I got from the Treasure Hunt at the vac shop in Glendale earlier this year -- the cool uprights I got that I will never have time to restore, a reeeeeally cool Universal tank stand-up store display, and lots lots more....... OH ....... AND, a truly once-in-a-lifetime thrill: The chance to see not one, but TWO Hoover Bag Cleaners in the same place! Now when will you EVER get to see that again?!

Let's also have an out-door pot-luck luncheon! Bring your favorite dish along with you!! I don't want to impose suggestions or restrictions on what people bring, just bring something you'll enjoy putting together to share with others. I'll have sodas and water. Maybe someone can bring some ice as I won't have time to go get any.

Okay, here's the current list of what I have to offer:

Hoover 102
Aerus Lux upright
Compact turquoise tank
Kenmore PowerMate canister & PN
Eureka white/orange upright - partial
Early Eureka straight suction motor unit
Several Lux XXXs various versions
Lux XII, LX, E, AE, G, Silverado
Hoover 150 base
Hoover 29 (?) base
Shetland polisher/drill etc. set - complete NIB
Kirby Classic Omega
Rare Kirby large-nozzle Tradition
Two Kirby Classic IIIs
Kirby D80 rebuilt, blue, attach's & hose
Kirby Sanitronic
Early Kenmore motor-driven upright
Sunbeam awful hideous avocado green tank & hose
Electrolux upright electric polisher from Australia
Filtex tank

Kirby 513 carton & some attach's
Kirby Sanitronic carton & some attach's
Several Kirby floor polisher heads & other misc attach's
Two glass & metal Kirby demonstrator units
Royal carton (vintage, pre zipcode)
Electrolux B8 shampooer splash guard in box
Electrolux turbo rug washer - polisher - late
Electrolux turbo polisher - AF
Electrilux white-bristle wall brush - mint
Electrolux 1205 vaporizer - MINT
Electrolux Garmentaire Bag
Many other early Lux attachments
Several Electrolux PNs - various
Singer hand vac (?) partial attachment kit, box
Two car vacs
Electrolux demo kit
Misc attach's, hoses, tank cloth bags, filters, etc.
Preco turquoise turbo power nozzle (rare!)
Hoover dark brown attachment set & caddy - not the 28, a later model
Hoover 541/700 etc. attachment set & box

And surely more will be added to this list as I continue arranging and reorganizing my workshop this week.

Please do RSVP so I'll know whom and how many to expect; and I'll give you directions and phone numbers when I reply to your RSVP.

Hope to see ya then --- be sure to clean out your car before you come so you'll have plenty of room for stuff!

Following are some photos for you to drool over! heheheh

















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