Well, other than a few little finishing touches, Workshop Cleanup 2008 is complete.

I still need to organize my tools and workbench supplies -- need to get a bunch of those metal hooks for my pegboard. I also want to find a couple of area rugs so I can test (and play with!) my upright machines. And I have a bunch of vintage box tops etc. that I salvaged from Ace Vac in Glendale when it closed - I want to put them up as festive decorations.

Oh, and of course the biggest finishing touch will be disposing of all the "cast-off" stuff that I weeded out. I'm really sorry more people can't come by to help themselves but, as I said, this has to be moved out quickly because it's in the way-- it's blocking two garages and taking up parking space in the parking lot.

Anyway, here are a few photos of my handiwork and some of the machines I have out there.
























Here are some more photos I took later, taken at night. Got an especially nice shot of my studio lights. Since I have all this room out here now, I brought out some of my "lesser favored" machines that have been hiding under my Electroluxes and Kirbys!


"Come on in and sit a spell."


"Lights ... Camera ... ACTION!"


Eureka Sanitaire - a somewhat scarce "transition" model that came out just after the Golden Crown. Note it's identical to the Golden Crown except that the crown is silver instead of gold, and it has the newer-style Eureka "long-neck" floor attachments.


One of my three Hoover Constellations (the other two are turquoise/white and canary yellow/beige.)


The G.E. Swivel Top per the other thread.


Beautiful red and gray Eureka upright that was the partner to the similarly colored Rotomatic.


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