Glendale, California Vacuum Cleaner Treasure Hunt

PHOTOS - Page Six


Fabulous speckle-blue Apex and then, the Mother Lode -- a Kenmore Imperial "Bug Eye" with original bag!!


Ancient straight-suction "Reliable."


Closer view of the Reliable.


Isn’t this a faaaaaaaaaabulous Air Chief tank?! Original hose and all attachments!!


Air-Way “Green Goddess” -- this is missing the metal collar to attach the bag. Anyone have one by any chance? The little green Air-Way sack contains an “Insector” moth killer attachment.


Another Mother Lode - something I have been looking for for 20 years, a Eureka air-powered floor polisher! This was offered as an attachment accessory for Models G and M. The top has a glass window so you can watch the turbine spinning!


Bottom of the Eureka polisher.


Incomplete Kirby 4C, but there’s the original box with all the attachments, hose, instruction booklet, and even a floor polisher!!



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