Glendale, California Vacuum Cleaner Treasure Hunt

PHOTOS - Page Four


Yet another Westinghouse! There were at least three different variations of this basic color, with minor design & mechanical differences.


Singer R1.


Very early Apex straight-suction.


There were a couple different versions of this Apex, having the “steer-able” handle. Note how there is an angled collar down at the handle bail. When you flip a little lever, that collar swivels. Simply by rotating the handle grip from side to side, you can steer the machine left and right!


A mini Graybar. Motor missing.


Early Filter Queen in original box!


Early Rexair in original box! (There were about a half-dozen of these, all in the boxes!)


Advertising and display materials.


6-foot-high Premier display ad!



More sweepers than you can shake a stick at!


Left to right - Victor, Marty, Charles Richard, Mark, Rick.



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