The Tan Hospital G

This past Thanksgiving weekend (2003), Arlee and I went to Palm Springs. While we were there we visited with Marty Rocha, a member of the VCCC.

Marty has an absolutely beautiful, nearly mint-condition, tan Hospital G in the original box!! The first time I saw it (last summer), I nearly keeled over on the spot. I mean, really, how rare is THAT ?! I told him right then and there that he had better leave it to me in his will!

Well, we were talking about it while I was there again, and I reminded him of how badly I wanted one. He said that he happened to have another one that was not in great condition -- a little dinged up, the switch and wheels had been replaced with turquoise, and someone had put a big black plug on the cord. And it was just the motor, no attachments or anything with it. But he said he'd let me have it if I wanted it.

I offered to trade his "spare" for a really nice, and really early, straight-suction Health-mor that I found out there in an antique store. (It's older than, and different from, the other Health-mors I have seen -- see footnote below. (*)

He -- not having any really early electric machines -- was happy to have it, and I was of course VERY happy to finally have a tan Hospital G!!

Well, the minute I got home from Palm Springs, before I even unpacked, I sat down and spruced up the tan Hospital G.

It's a funny thing ---- I had recently won a "regular" tan G on eBay. It looked nice in the lister's photos, but when it arrived I was very dismayed at the condition -- the motor bearings were shot -- someone had managed, somehow, to use it without a bag and the bag casing and motor were full of sand and dirt -- it stunk like stale cigarettes -- the body was all dented and dinged up. I nearly just threw the whole thing out, but then decided I should save the original parts from it as spares to keep on hand -- brown wheels, white switch, and original cord; all of which were in excellent condition. Now you tell ME it is not STRANGE that those are EXACTLY the parts I needed to put my "new" Hospital G back to all-original condition!

I just can't tell you how thrilled I am to have this!!! My feeling is that it's one of the rarest of all Electroluxes!! Even the "normal" tan G is fairly scarce since it was made for less than a year (1967) while the turquoise G was in production for six years. So, to have the Hospital version of the G --- well, really, how many of them could there have been?!

By the way, there were three Hospital Gs, actually --- (1) early version in white w/ turquoise trim with the "front-loading" PN port [see the Model G photos in my History of Electrolux survey], (2) like the later turqoise G with the side-PN port, and (3) in white with tan and white trim. [btw I believe Electrolux's official name for the tan color was "bronze" although it really is not bronze at all!]



Re the strange Health-Mor upright: Instead of having the large sliding switch on top of the plug housing, it has a toggle switch on the side --- EXACTLY like the early Kirby switches!! And the bag is a little different -- it has the Health-mor logo on it, but rather than being the canvas-like material of the others I have seen, this bag is a sort of ribbed corduroy -- again, like the early Kirbys!!)

I found out from Tom Gasko that, indeed, that model of Health-Mor was built by Scott and Fetzer. Health-Mor was, at that time, the number-one dealer in the country for private-labeled Scott and Fetzer Sanitation Systems in 1928 and 1929 through april of 1930. It was only THEN that Health-Mor went to Royal for their private labeled cleaner.


And, now, on to photos of the only two-known Tan Hospital Gs in captivity!

The first ones are of Marty's then the last ones are of mine, with one final photo that shows the other four Gs. It's not the best photo but I already had it, and don't want to spend a whole awful lot of time on this project. Note that I have not included any of the factory-rebuilt Gs which were done up in a variety of color -- I've seen at least four different versions.

In my photos, the attachments are from my tan G [the Hospital G that I got from Marty did not have any attachments]. I do have an original (light gray) PN cord for the hose but it's on a tan plastic hose that, while not original, does match the color of the machine and makes the tan G a real power-horse. The original woven hose leaks very badly, of course. So I have kept it just for display as, again, per the usual, it LOOKS beautiful!


Marty Rocha's Tan Hospital G:












My Tan Hospital G:







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