My First Corporate Sponsor

Last year (October 1995), I played for a huge, incredible, "all the stops out" Halloween party at QSC Audio in Costa Mesa, California. QSC is a high-end audio equipment manufacturer. (You can see their web site at

I have remained in touch with the folks who hired me to play, and a couple weeks ago emailed my main contact person there, asking about the availability of a new power amp -- not really knowing just what I was asking. When he wrote back with prices, their products were unfortunately out of reach for this "starving musician," even with a substantial discount, so I had to decline and started looking elsewhere.

Well, to cut to the chase, QSC's management decided to extend a gesture of incredible philanthropy and have donated a brand new, state of the art amp to me! Thus, QSC is officially my first corporate sponsor and I am happy and proud to give them a plug here and whenever I play.

Here are the specs on the amp:
PLX 1802 Specs

And here are some fun photos!


The amp can be used in a rack mount, or freestanding by using rubber 'feet' provided.


"Old Meets New!"


My new theremin bass cabinet! It contains a 15-inch, wide-frequency-range, Eminent instrument speaker enclosed within a special "folded" interior baffle that gives excellent, clear bass reponse without the need for ports. I designed and created the Art-Deco-inspired grille that matches the grill on my existing upright baffle speaker enclosure.


Another view of the new cabinet.


My existing upright baffle, which contains a wide-range 12-inch Jensen instrument speaker, along with a high-performance 6x9 dual-cone speaker for added dimension and clarity.


"Sidebar:" I have thought all along that the "art deco ray" design for my theremin speakers — which I designed and made with my own two little hands — came from my own creativity. However, today I got an email from a vintage RCA enthusiast who had found my site. He commented on my speakers, saying how much he liked them and did I know they resembled the grille of an RCA Radiola "100B" Radio Speaker?! He emailed me the illustration of Radiola 33 & 100B Speaker that you see above. Even the number of "rays" is the same (seven). Now, I have to tell you, I have *never* seen this Radiola speaker--!!! So, I can only guess that my design was transmitted to me via someone in the ethers!! THAT is amazing ... and a little schpookey .......!


An original, early 1920s RCA horn, which has been modified via mysterious and top-secret electronic alchemy to allow it to function with modern audio equipment. This vintage horn adds a glorious, "human" quality to the theremin. In the bass range, the sound is rich and pungent; in the soprano range, it has a magical, clear, singing quality. It's great!


The complete speaker complement as set up at home. When I perform, I generally have the bass speaker sitting next to the upright baffle instead of under it. I have to set it up this way at home because of limited space.


My Moog Ethervox, freshly back from being repaired at Moog Music in Asheville, North Carolina. I am SO HAPPY to have it home again!


Giving the Ethervox its first test drive through the new QSC amp. WOW! What an incredible sound!! (Never mind the cluttered surroundings -- it just goes with the territory.)



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