Hi there! I'm Oz, and I'm a very happy dog!

Why, you ask, am I so happy? Well, I am pretty much always happy, but I am especially happy now!

You see, my 10th birthday will be this January 23rd! Yep! 10 whole years on this silly planet!

And my friends Arlee and Charlie want to celebrate my birthday with a big party!

And guess what: YOU and your poochies are invited!* Which is why you have been sent this invitation.

*(That is, if Charlie and Arlee emailed this page to you. If you happened to find it on your own, sorry, but you are not invited. Nothing personal, okay?)



Okay, here's the poop. Er, ah, I mean, the information!
WHEN: Saturday, January 22
1 p.m. — 4 p.m.

WHERE: West Hollywood Park
(See map and address at bottom of page)
Rain-out location: Our place. Call for directions if it's raining.

WHO: You and your doggies!

{{{ NO CATS ALLOWED!!! }}}



There will be plenty of good food to eat: Charlie and Arlee will provide some chicken and maybe some burgers or wieners or something; and all you nice guests are invited to bring along your favorite side dishes to make a fun potluck picnic lunch! Oh, and don't forget to bring some goodies for me -- I mean, for your furry friends!

And there will be lots of good stuff to drink. Arlee and Charlie will bring sodas and ice. (No booze please, because alcohol is not allowed in the park.)



We'll run around and have fun and play games; and if you get tired you can just stop and take a little nap!



How should you dress for the party? Casual, but festive!



You'd better come, or I'll bite you!

Just kidding... but I will make you smell a cat's butt if you don't!



Okay, now I guess you want to know how to get to the park!

Well, you can be smart like me and look it up, or you can just get the directions right here!

It's located at 647 San Vicente Blvd in West Hollywood, on the west side of San Vicente between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. Yes, it's a dog-friendly park and your poochies will be very welcome there.

Here's a map:

By the way, please bring pooper-picker-uppers and a leash. Pets are allowed but have to be on a leash. Also, you might also want to bring along a folding chair, blankets, or whatever you will be comfortable with. (There are picnic tables for eating.)



And, finally... R.S.V.P.

Otherwise, Charlie and Arlee won't know how much stuff to bring!



I hope to see you and your doggies there!

Oh, p.s.: If you don't have any doggies, please come anyway! I really want you to have a good time with me at my birthday party!!