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A few years ago, I picked up an Electrolux Model XXX from an eBay seller named Eron Nilson. I also ended up getting a beautiful Model XI from the same seller, who also lent me some photos of his grandfather who had been an Electrolux salesman. For the back story on this, see Model XI.)

As part of the purchase price, I offered to also make a special web page about his grandfather, so here it is – finally!

Eron's uncle provided the following thumbnail biography of George Nilson:

George Nilson was hired by Electrolux as a salesman in 1947. For the next eigthteen years he sold vacuum cleaners the old fashioned way, door to door.

He retired in 1965. Though he never aspired to management, he had a trunk full of awards that he earned over the years from selling Electrolux products. His territory not only included the greater Spokane [Washington] area, but he went as far as Ritzville, Moses Lake, Coeur d'Alene, Sandpoint and many places in between.

His success is chronicled in the fact he was able to support a family of five boys over this period of time, retire with a good retirement, have money in his bank account, and be debt free.

These incredible photos provide a fascinating and rare "back through the time machine" glimpse into an Electrolux branch office in the late 1940s.

Oh, now here's a mysterious note: Quite some time had passed (a couple of years actually) since I had gotten these photos from Eron and when I finally put the site together I could not remember which were the photos of his grandfather!

When I emailed Eron to let him know the page was up, I asked him to tell me which photos were of George. I just about fell on the floor when he replied and stated that "you must have known which ones they were, because they are the first two on the page!"

Now, isn't it amazing how I apparently must have subliminally known this —– because the order that they appear in is totally random ....... or so I thought!! Guess we need a riff from my favorite musical instrument, the theremin.......! {{{oooooooEEEooooooo}}}

And now, without further ado...

























50 Years of American Electrolux

Electrolux Model XXX

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