Cyberspace Vacuum Cleaner Museum — Entranceway
This museum features a representative sample of machines from my vintage vacuum cleaner collection. This is by no means my entire collection! However, neither the time, patience, nor website space exists to mount a display of all my cleaners.

The dates given next to manufacturers’ names or model numbers at each exhibit indicate the year, as best can be discerned, that a given machine was introduced. Many cleaners were made and sold for more than one year.

The exhibits are grouped by manufacturer (one per “room”):

Regina Electrolux Airway
Hoover Scott & Fetzer / Kirby Eureka
Sears-Kenmore Universal Westinghouse
Miscellaneous Exhibits Entranceway Museum Foyer
The above list is “interactive:” Click on the name to enter the exhibit room of a given manufacturer.

Well, from here on out this will be a self-guided tour. Make yourself right at home; take your time -- there’s lots to see!

Don't even worry about wiping off your feet before coming in, as there are ~plenty~ of vacuum cleaners to take care of the dirt!


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