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This machie sits at the top of the heap, design-wise, of all tank and canister vacuum cleaners --- right up there with the Electrolux Model XXX.


Isn't that a beautiful hose! That's where I got the wallpaper background from btw!


Dusting brush. What a cutie!


Modern Hygiene advertisement from Ladies Home Journal


Modern Hygiene advertisement from LIFE Magazine


This is the machine that was on display in Milwaukee, that the curators found on eBay! (Why didn't I see it?!)



"You Bet Your Sweet Bippy!"

So the other night I was watching a DVD of that goofy 1960s variety show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In." I was watching the show while having dinner, chuckling merrily as it's really a very funny, very silly (and, for its time, very naughty!) program.

In this particular episode, there are three short skits about a maid vacuuming around the "man of the house" who is sitting in an easy chair reading the newspaper.

In the skits, the maid does silly things like vacuum the man's mustache, which comes off of course; then she lifts his toupee to vacuum under it; and in the final skit she kicks the front of the chair up to vacuum under it, and the chair - and the man - go tumbling backwards!

In the first skit, all you see is the wand and hose of the vacuum and not the motor unit -- I was amazed to notice that the vacuum cleaner she was using had a VERY familiar-looking hose! I thought to myself, "Hmmmmmmm ... Nah. Couldn't be!"

Amused and a bit intrigued, I kept watching the program, not knowing there were two more skits to come.

When the second skit came on, I almost fell off my chair when I saw, yes, indeedy folks ...


These photos aren't the greatest -- they're digital pix taken right off of the television. But you can clearly see that the maid is indeed using a Modern Hygiene, and it's in beautiful condition!

I wonder what ever became of it. You think maybe the one I have sitting in my display might be the same one?! I do live in Los Angeles after all, and I did find the Modern Hygiene in a thrift shop in Hollywood ....... I doubt very many of them made their way this far west ....... So ....... Who knows?!



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