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"Beauty Shot"


Another beauty shot - note that even my poochie Pep-pep admires this machine's stunning beauty! (Or is she waiting for me to fill up her empty dinner bowl?!)


Close-up of attachments


Ready for action!


The Modern Hygiene actually has good suction; however, the inefficient design of the rug nozzle and floor brush impede its cleaning ability. I am basing this comment on the power of the suction at the hose end, but when attached to the wand it just seems like the machine doesn't pick up very well. The brush strip is still there and intact, but it does seem to have a hard time getting stuff up from the rug.

(Note that Clay Floyd disagrees with me on this -- he wrote, " have found M-H and Royal tanks of that period to be rather low in suction. The rug tool, a virtual clone of the Royal and Filter Queen rug tools, was actually among the best rug tools ever made. In fact, I believe that only Rexair made a more efficient rug tool. I am speaking of designs starting with Model C. However, the old stye used on Models A and B couldn't be too bad, as I recall Tom Gasko winning the cleaning contest with a Model A Rexair several years ago. I won last year in the postwar thru 1965 straight suction with a Model C. Hans Craig's much newer Filter Queen, using a rug tool similar to the M-H's, came in second.")


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