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Hi, I’m Charles Richard Lester. I live in the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles, California (USA), just south of Hollywood.

Strange goings-on in Hollywood?!

My living-making profession is as a website designer and “Mac” graphic artist. I am currently freelancing in both fields.

If you need a brilliant and creative web designer to create a sparkling Web presence for you, look no further. This website, for which I am writer, editor, designer, publisher and webmaster, will give you some indication of my abilities. Also, please see my “Web Work” page for a run-down on my current website clients along with references and testimonials.

Or, if you need a meticulous, detail-oriented, fast-but-thorough freelance (in-house) production artist, (and you’re located in the Los Angeles area) please drop me an e-mail and let’s talk turkey.

Otherwise ... enough of this boring work stuff already. I wanna have some fun! Don’t you? Good!! Let's go!!!

While I toil in the vineyards of the Macintosh to earn my keep, the work I do for love — and for spiritual nourishment — is playing music.

I am a classical and church organist. If you’d like to know more about pipe organs, see my Organs page.

I am in my eighth year as Music Director for Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church inInglewood, California. Holy Trinity is a multi-cultural congregation of about 300 members. The worship service has a liturgical basis; however, upon that traditional framework our parish has built a rich and unique worship style. To give you some idea of the varied music you will hear at Holy Trinity, consider that we have a pipe organ and a Hammond with Leslie -- and that I use both instruments quite liberally. You’re welcome to come visit us! Drop me an email and I’ll send you directions.

Holy Trinity has a pretty nice website, the by-product of an HTML workshop I conducted for them. See Holy Trinity's website.

I am also a thereminist. I have devoted a comprehensive section of my website to theremins. If you’re interested in knowing more about this marvelous, mysterious musical instrument, follow this Theremin link!

About my family: I am the second-youngest of five children born to Minnie Jeannette Jessup and William Harold Lester, Sr., who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on June 16, 1947. Here are some Family Portraits.

About my pets:I have a very sweet 8-year-oldTibetan Terrier mix named Oz, and a 16-year old cat named Nikki Goldberg. Almost losing Oz last year was a tremendous ordeal; and in his honor, and as a tribute to all the friends and even strangers who helped us though the ordeal, I have added a Furry Loved Ones page to my site.

I’ve got many other fun interests, too! Feel free to poke around the rest of my site -- there’s lots of stuff to discover. Please drop me a line to let me know you visited!

Here’s a special added bonus for all you web-surfing addicts out there!

I have found many treasure-trove utility websites,
all of them loaded with shiploads (!) of internet software,
much of it free- or share-ware. Check out:

Dave Central Software Archive
Freeware Favorites-Reviewing Free Windows Software
Freeware Publishing Site
Microsoft Free Downloads
World Wide Web of Windows
SnadBoy Software - Other Sources
Links to other freeware sites
A1 Shareware Evaluations
Web Engineer’s Toolbox: Graphics
Father of Shareware
The WinSite Archive
AOLpress (a *great* html editor and other stuff)
A gazillion great shareware and freeware html tools from “HotDog”
A huge list of shareware sites, from www.aliens.com
Another software download site

A Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Page
Johann Sebastian Bach Page
Classical MIDI Files
Classical MIDI Archives
Classical Midi Organ Stop
Shareware Music Machine- Midi Tools
Crescendo by LiveUpdate!
Midi File Central - The Ultimate Midi File Archive
The Ultimate TV & Movie Midi Page
The Lougheed Midi Page
Musart and Canterbury Midi Home age
Primeline Chemical Systems Midi Library
The Internet Piano Page
Music of Cyberspace
The International Computer Music Association
MikroPolyphonie - The Online Contemporary Music Journal
ASCAP Home Page

The Arcade
Garry J. Fraser's “Classic Video Games” Page
Garry J. Fraser's “Classic Video Games” - Links

Font Fairy Free Fonts
transmission23 font archive
Bihidryed Fonts and Art
Bushman's Free Font Links
Cheops Fonts: Homepage
Fontaholics Anonymous
Fonts Unlimited
Fonts Everywhere
Surface Type
Fonts, fonts, fonts, fonts, fonts, fonts!

And ... “These are a few of my favorite links”
(in no particular order):

Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
Doug Turner's Quotation Server
The Quotation Server
The Labyrinth - Quotes Archive
Writers Free Reference
Mark Twain quotations
The Quotations Page
Frank Lloyd Wright Quotations
Frank's Creative Quotations from Upton Sinclair
Quotations Home Page
U.S. Patent Boolean Search Page
Library of Congress Home Page

Webmasters toolbox
A Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines

E-Mail Directory
Microsoft NetMeeting
Recycler (SoCal-area “Buy-n-Sell” Site)

UCLA Music Library Homepage

Los Angeles Times Web Site
Welcome to O M N I

The Rocket Shop

Welcome to CD Land!
The Official 137 Records Homepage

Elf Boy’s Humor Collection
SaturnTim's Humor Archive
Fashion Police
Mike & Dino’s Hall of Annoying Buttons *** A MUST-VISIT! ***
The Useless Pages

Virtual Vacation
Virginia's Luray Caverns
Dark Shadows Home Page
Blue Mountain Cyber Greeting Cards

     ANNAPOLIS MD (I used to live there!)
Welcome to crabtown.com
The Annapolis Home Page
Another Annapolis Site
Welcome to Annapolis


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