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Putting the old girl to work. (Above, and following two photos.) Well, "work" is a relative term. While the machine is lovely in every regard, and runs just as great as it looks, it's a pretty wimpy vacuum cleaner especially compared to today's 12-amp gobblers. In fact, this machine hasn't got much more power than its older sister, the 1924 Model V.

The suction power did increase with each successive model - the XII is stronger than the XI; the XXX is stronger than the XII; and, in fact, consecutive versions of the XXX had more powerful motors than the first XXXs. And so it went, until today: The latest machine, the Aerus* Guardian, is the most powerful of them all. It's just too bad it's not as beautiful as durable. One wonders how many Guardians will still be around in 2073, 75 years after it was introduced, as this sweet little XI is still around in 2002, 75 years after it was introduced.   (*After 77 years, Electrolux USA is now called Aerus.)

(Note the orange and tan Hoover Constellation in the background of the first photo above -- that was last week's plaything!!)




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