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I have noticed a few differences in the two machines, some of which are shown in these comparison photos. Here, you can see that the connector "port" for the hose is different on each machine.

The earlier one, above, has a smooth opening where a hose is stuck in and held in place by friction, the same way that the Model V hose attached. In fact, the first XI had the same type of flexible metal hose as the V, then a metal hose with cloth covering that still had the same friction fit.

Then, the hose was completely changed and would fit the opening shown below on the later machine -- which has threads inside; and the all-new type of hose screws into place and incorporates the new type of hose construction as discussed above.



Here's a shot of the rear-underside, showing the different types of cord connectors. You can also see that the serial number plates are different.



Closer looks on the two cord sockets. The older machine's serial number is S1128 / No. 62482. The later one is S1129 / 39520. (I wonder if "1128" and "1129" mean "Model XI, 1928" and "Model XI, 1929" respectively.)



And here are the machine-end plugs. The smaller, round one is the earlier version. I can see why they changed it. It's a bit tricky to attach, and since it's made of steel is probably a shock hazard. I wonder how many users got the crud zapped out of them before Electrolux got smart and made the plug larger and of nonconductive material (Bakelite)!



And last but not least, here are the brass name plates on top of the canister. In addition to having slightly different graphic representations of the Globe, the newer one (bottom) also has the imprinting "Reg. U.S. Patent Office"



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