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Oz, the doggie, LOOKS asleep — but trust me ... he's WIDE awake, and has got a keen eye trained on that big metal monster. See photo below!



Can you believe the condition of this hose? And it works as perfectly as it looks. It's nice and flexible still, not at all dried out or petrified, and passes the Roger Proehl Hose Test with passing color! Yes, unbelievably, it has a perfectly tight seal!



Here's a rare sight -- TWO Model XIs in captivity, in the same place at the same time! The one on the bottom, above, and to the right, below, is one I have had in my collection for quite a long time; it is an earlier version of the XI, probably the very first type actually. While it's in good condition, it's not nearly as nice as the "new" one, and I don't have any attachments for it. Just the machine.



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