MODEL E Vacuum Cleaner

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Rear cover open to show where filter pad originally was installed. When the new four-ply bags came out in 1957, customers was instructed to remove and discard the filters because they blocked air flow, thus impeding suction power and also causing the motor to overheat when the cleaner was used for long periods of time.


Rear of machine with cover in place and showing the original Belden black rubber electrical cord.


Into action -- dusting the piano keys!


Two original Model E cartons. (I was too lazy to get them down from their perch on a high shelf in my display center.)


Cover of instruction booklet.


Sales receipt dated December 2,1954. Note the "Introductory Price" of $69.75. In this case, the customer also purchased a Garment-Aire bag at the "special" price of $7.75 [actual price at that time was about $20], coincidentally bringing the purchase total to $77.50.)


1954 magazine advertisement that ran in Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, etc.


1955-56 advertisement reflecting new price increase. (In 1956, the Model E-Automatic was introduced and the E became the "lower-tier" model to the AE instead of the LX/LXI as it was previously.)


Another advertisement emphasizing the light weight and two-tool cleaning of the Model E.




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