Electrolux U.S. Patents 1924 – 1964

Compiled by Douglas Elliot
Charles Richard Lester



Following is a list of all the Electrolux patents we have found to date, compiled by going through instruction books, packaging materials, lists of numbers die-stamped on machines and printed on cloth dirt bags, etc., as well as a search through the Patent Library records in the old Los Angeles Public Library (research done before the Library burned down about 10 years ago -- I don't know if the Patent Library from the old building is extant).

Most of the hard, time-crunching work that went into ths project was done by Doug Elliot. I was the one who found many of the actual patent numbers, but he's the one who spent the HOURS of work looking them up and cataloguing the details and information for each one. So, "Hats Off To Douglas!"

There is a wealth of information to be had here -- some fascinating illustrations and descriptions of Electrolux patents over the years. Wait until you see some of the bizarre prototypes!

What's that, you say? "How can I see the patents for these prototypes? There is no Patent Office in my area."

Well, hold onto your crevice tool ... I've got incredible news!

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If you want to see the actual patents ... guess what ... YOU CAN!!!

The entirety of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records are available on-line! Yes, that is every single patent ever issued from 1790 to the present!

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Please do note that pre-1976 patents are saved as scanned image files only. The only way to find pre-1976 patents is to already know the number. However, you can search later patents which have been archived as fully searchable document files instead of just "static" images.

Now, I know there are vintage vacuum cleaner collectors with patent lists for Hoover, Eureka, Kirby, Air-way, etc. When is somebody going to do such a compilation for these other machines?!

Patent Number Description Principal Inventor or Designer Application Date Date Granted
1757239 Model XI cleaner design A. O. Engberg 6/15/26 5/6/30
1782640 Filter unit and mounting Axel Wenner-Gren 4/9/24 11/25/30
1792007 Model XI casing and runners A. O. Engberg 6/15/26 2/10/31
1847233 Model XII body and filter design T. E. D. Bilde 2/21/30 3/1/32
1849515 Model XII early rug nozzle L. Ell 7/16/30 3/15/32
1852838 Early wood and metal dusting brush A. O. Engberg 8/3/27 4/5/32
1852839 Early wood and metal dusting brush A. O. Engberg 10/15/28 4/5/32
1860883 Model XII motor mounting T. E. D. Bilde 1/7/30 5/31/32
1860884 Model XII motor mounting (concept different from 1860883) T. E. D. Bilde 2/25/30 5/31/32
1860885 Model XII general design T. E. D. Bilde 3/1/30 5/31/32
1891256 Model XII rear louver and casing design T. E. D. Bilde 2/26/30 12/20/32
1892382 Model XII tapered hose design F. Carlstedt 12/29/31 12/27/32
1938378 Early vaporizer concept L. Ell 2/26/30 12/5/33
1944291 Model XII motor bearing E. A. Lundvall 2/5/31 1/23/34
1965765 Model XII vaporizer L. Ell 2/27/30 7/10/34
1972531 Model XII Sprayer E. S. Lynger 1/25/33 9/4/34
1979027 Model XI casing with runners and handle A. O. Engberg 6/15/26 10/30/34
2007631 Model XII rear louver design Tom Conrad Bieth 10/4/32 7/9/35
2025442 Rug Nozzle G. H. Cranmer 1/22/35 12/24/35
2027543 Rug Nozzle with smaller head producing high-speed airflow for lint removal Gustaf Einar Lofgren 10/7/33 1/14/36
2027544 Aluminum upholstery cleaner Gustaf Einar Lofgren 5/19/34 1/14/36
2029613 Model XII rear casing and filter housing assembly E. Edstrom 6/14/33 2/4/36
2065592 Aluminum dusting brush and rubber insert Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/10/34 12/29/36
2070674 Disposable felt dust bag concept -- not used Christian C. Muentener 11/5/35 2/16/37
2070834 Nozzle with suction-operated agitator. Fredrik J. R. Karlstrom, application date 4/20/35, granted 2/16/37
2073244 Model XII switch Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/22/33 3/9/37
2077572 Prototype cleaner design with dust drawer -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 3/13/35 4/20/37
2098797 Early dusting brush wand attachment forming method Clarence Everett Stevens 12/28/35 11/9/37
2102802 New spring loaded hose coupling Gustaf Einar Lofgren 1/30/36 12/21/37
2112372 Prototype cleaner design -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 6/25/36 3/29/38
2125411 Composition of Nuvo shampoo (W-B Chemical Co.) Ernest D. Wilson 8/9/33 8/2/38
2126761 Electric floor polisher (assigned to AB Electrolux, Sweden). Axel Olof Engberg, application date 3/28/35, granted 8/16/38
2153580 Model XII suction input seal E. S. Lynger 10/9/35 4/11/39
2155669 Prototype cleaner design -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 3/12/35 4/25/39
2171856 Model XXX dust bag ring Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/27/38 9/5/39
2172180 Prototype cleaner design -- not used E. L. Schellens 6/18/35 9/5/39
2176119 Model XXX switch mounting C. L. Brown, Jr. 1/27/38 10/17/39
2182343 Prototype cleaner design with exhaust-diffusing openings -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/23/36 12/5/39
2182344 Early Model XXX aluminum and steel floor nozzle design Gustaf Einar Lofgren 12/23/36 12/5/39
2182565 Model XXX handle Gustaf Einar Lofgren 5/5/38 12/5/39
2203964 Model XXX casing design Gustaf Einar Lofgren 5/12/38 6/11/40
2211006 Model XXX motor brush mounting Ferman C. Doughman 9/1/37 8/13/40
2211815 Model XXX switch design E. O. H. Hansson 6/5/37 8/20/40
2214632 Model XXX handle mounting and trim C. L. Brown, Jr. 5/12/38 9/10/40
2220060 Bag closure method for new cleaner design -- not used Charles L. Brown, Jr. 5/19/39 11/5/40
2220778 Rug cleaner with ball and socket swivel joint. Erland Groth 1/27/38 11/5/40
2227299 Revised rug cleaner with high-speed airflow G. H. Cranmer 1/28/37 12/31/40
2227302 Prototype cleaner design with single switchable suction/blower port -- not used J. E. V. Edstrom 10/14/37 12/31/40
2235224 Teardrop-shaped upholstery cleaner prototype -- not used. Gustaf Einar Lofgren 7/11/39 3/18/41
2235225 Teardrop-shaped upholstery cleaner prototype -- not used. Adrian E. Ross 7/11/39 3/18/41
2235226 Teardrop-shaped upholstery cleaner prototype -- like final version. Gustaf Einar Lofgren/Adrian E. Ross 7/11/39 3/18/41
2237724 Two-position "gleaner" rod for rug cleaner. George Horace Cranmer 1/23/39 4/8/41

2237725 Revised rug cleaner and construction method. George Horace Cranme 1/23/39 4/8/41
2240543 Model XXX rear cover and louver -- first version Charles L. Brown, Jr. 12/21/37 5/6/41
2241785 Model XXX front cover and latch -- first version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 12/10/37 5/13/41
2243435 Model XXX sprayer G. Mott, Jr. 8/31/38 5/27/41
2244843 Model XXX rear cover and louver assembly -- first version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 1/28/38 6/10/41
2245752 Latch assembly for new cleaner design -- not used Charles L. Brown, Jr. 5/19/39 6/17/41
2254611 Model XXX suction port and seal Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/6/38 9/2/41
2255763 Model XXX plug -- cleaner end Ferman C. Doughman 12/8/39 9/16/41
2273883 Model XXX side rails and attachment method G. W. Norrick 3/17/39 2/24/42
2287474 Design to enable standing cleaner on end E. O. H. Hansson 12/8/39 6/23/42
2290374 Model XXX rug cleaner -- 1st version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/2/38 7/21/42
2307827 Model XXX motor and fan mounting -- 2nd version Ferman C. Doughman 7/19/40 1/12/43
2318317 Model XXX floor brush and swivel -- 2nd version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/28/39 5/4/43
2322038 Early cord winder design -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 12/12/40 6/15/43
2333409 Rug cleaner made of stamped sheet metal -- design similar to Model XXX 2nd version C. L. Brown, Jr. 10/9/41 11/2/43
2333471 Model XX rug cleaner without swivel G. H. Cranmer 4/23/41 11/2/43
2336635 Model XXX vaporizer G. A. Peterson 9/13/39 12/14/43
2418130 New switch and swivel cord attachment -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 12/26/42 4/1/47
2444809 Reverse flow cleaner design -- not used G. H. Cranmer 1/11/45 7/6/48
2467652 Device attached to wands to observe dirt flow A. H. Beede 7/25/45 4/19/49
2477685 Model XXX front cover latch, 2nd version Charles L. Brown, Jr. 12/19/45 8/2/49
2496813 Improvement to floor brush elbow and swivel G. A. Peterson 8/21/45 2/7/50
2547805 Self-closing disposable dust bag Arnold H. Beede 4/11/45 4/3/51
2548942 Model XXX filter, 2nd version R. L. Brown 6/6/47 4/17/51
2552470 Air circulator and heater Eric H. Wahlberg 9/6/46 5/8/51
2564467 Early automatic dust bag ejection design George H. Cranmer 9/22/45 8/14/51
2564468 Early automatic dust bag ejection design Emil Anderson 2/15/46 8/14/51
2567221 Prototype self-emptying cleaner design with sealed disposable bag -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/22/47 9/11/51
2569222 Pneumatic mechanism for self-emptying cleaner Arnold H. Beede 6/23/50 9/25/51
2571125 Prototype cleaner design with opening at bottom -- not used John T. Ferraris 6/20/47 10/16/51
2572515 Method of impregnating motor armatures F. M. Poole 6/20/46 10/23/51
2574686 Method of impregnating coils R. L. Brown 8/26/48 11/13/51
2580642 Prototype of self-emptying cleaner with disposable bag -- not used Arnold H. Beede 4/1/46 1/1/52
2580643 Pressure-responsive control device for automatic cleaners Ferman C. Doughman 6/12/46 1/1/52
2580644 Automatic bag ejection mechanism Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/15/46 1/1/52
2580645 Prototype cleaner design with side opening -- not used Ferman C. Doughman 5/24/47 1/1/52
2591490 Layered air filter construction method Oliver L. Allen 3/1/46 4/1/52
2596806 Disposable self-sealing dust bag Leon P. Borkoski 1/18/46 5/13/52
2596807 Disposable self-sealing dust bag -- similar to final version M. C. Dippel 4/5/49 5/13/52
2596808 Disposable self-sealing dust bag -- similar to final version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 4/6/49 5/13/52
2609555 Air-powered floor polisher mechanism E. Anderson 9/18/48 9/9/52
2621756 Filter replacement mechanism Edgar P. Senne 1/3/49 12/16/52
2621757 Disposable, collapsible and extendable self-sealing dust bag -- similar to final version E. Anderson 11/28/47 12/16/52
2622263 Model XXX rug nozzle -- 3rd version; bumper mounting and assembly Oliver L. Allen 11/8/47 12/23/52
2622265 Model XXX rug nozzle -- 3rd version; general design Oliver L. Allen 11/8/47 12/23/52
2625515 Nuvo Shampoo - improved formulation (W-B Chemical Co.) George W. Wittwer 1/17/48 1/13/53
2634819 Automatic cleaner mechanism in model XXX body G. H. Cranmer 9/21/49 4/14/53
2635708 Articulating suction port design for automatic cleaner R. C. Lampe 6/29/48 4/21/53
2641330 Front cover with articulating suction port for automatic cleaner -- similar to LX Gustav Einar Lofgren 1/25/50 6/9/53
2642151 Bag ejector and front cover mechanism for Model LX Leon P. Borkoski 5/11/51 6/16/53
2649606 Tool holder for Model XXX -- this version not used G. R. Fadner 3/4/49 8/25/53
2654439 Model LX -- general design Leon P. Borkoski 5/4/51 10/6/53
2667943 Bag ejection and pneumatic control mechanism for Model LX A. H. Beede 11/13/51 2/2/54
2676669 Articulating suction port design -- refinement Robert C. Lampe 12/31/52 4/27/54
2682317 Bag ejection system -- further refinements Robert C. Lampe 1/15/53 6/29/54
2683501 Bag ejector, retractor, and pneumatic mechanism Robert C. Lampe 1/25/50 7/13/54
2702325 Model LX switch and wiring J. T. Ferraris 5/21/53 2/15/55
2714425 Model LX automatic control dial, 2nd version A. P. Cawl 4/21/54 8/2/55
2715946 Model LX automatic control dial, 1st version A. Peterson 1/14/54 8/23/55
2722710 "Tuftor" rug nozzle insert Oliver L. Allen 2/7/52 11/8/55
2724456 Model LX manual cover latch R. C. Lampe 3/4/53 11/22/55
2725952 Model LX external bag loading device -- not used G. E. Lofgren and J. T. Ferraris 6/19/52 12/6/55
2732910 Model LX automatic control refinement John T. Ferraris 1/29/54 1/31/56
2737262 Double-pushbutton automatic cleaner switch -- not used John T. Ferraris 12/9/52 3/6/56
2737263 Disposable filter bag -- similar to final version E. Anderson 2/9/53 3/6/56
2741328 Model LX adjustable automatic control -- 1st version A. P. Cawl 4/7/54 4/10/56
2747214 Model LX "Companion" tool holder Oliver L. Allen 4/24/53 5/29/56
2758670 Model LX adjustable automatic control variation -- not used? Ferman C. Doughman 1/29/54 8/14/56
2764255 Improved Model LX front cover suction port and automatic mechanism Arnold H. Beede 1/25/54 9/25/56
2779255 Apparatus for manufacturing disposable dust bags Murray P. Clark 9/18/53 1/29/57
2789660 Mechanism for speeding up Model LX motor when bag is partially filled Raymond L. Brown 5/12/54 4/23/57
2804166 Multi-layer disposable paper dust bag Henry W. Stevens 5/11/53 8/27/57
2814358 Improved automatic mechanism and handle/trim for AE prototype Arnold H. Beede 8/31/55 11/26/57
2815525 Plastic combination dusting brush and upholstery tool Gustav Einar Lofgren 6/23/54 12/10/57
2817414 Model LX automatic mechanism -- further refinements to prevent sudden triggering John T. Ferraris 3/25/54 12/24/57
2819091 Model LX dolly to be attached to runners R. C. Lampe 6/29/53 1/7/58
2860724 Model AE automatic mechanism refinement to prevent use of cleaner without bag Arnold H. Beede 11/13/56 11/18/58
2860725 Model AE mechanism to prevent use of cleaner without bag Allen P. Cawl 11/29/56 11/18/58
2866169 Model LX power cord plug retaining cover Gustaf Einar Lofgren 3/4/53 12/23/58
2868913 Model AE switch and automatic mechanism Allen P. Cawl 2/29/56 1/13/59
2876054 Frame for Garment-Aire A. H. Beede 6/11/52 3/3/59
2878074 Model AE resilient plastic rear wheels Allen P. Cawl 5/24/56 3/17/59
2893045 Cord carrier ring -- not like final version E. Dalbec 6/24/54 7/7/59
2945921 Plug bumper for AF cord winder, 2nd version M. E. Belicka 5/18/59 7/19/60
3011033 Model AF cord winder, 2nd version M. E. Belicka 12/16/59 11/28/61
3039129 Vertical motor mounting and attached power nozzle M. E. Belicka 12/28/59 6/19/62
3039130 Vertical motor mounting and attached power nozzle M. E. Belicka 10/29/59 6/19/62
3082938 Model AF and R rear cover and air diffuser Garret Mott, Jr. 1/2/59 3/26/63
RE23516 Pressure-responsive automatic mechanism (orig. patent #2580643) Ferman C. Doughman 3/25/52 7/1/52
D97967 Prototype vacuum cleaner casing -- not used E. G. Ahnstrom 6/7/35 12/24/35
D98082 Aluminum dusting brush with rubber insert Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/29/35 1/7/36
D98824 Prototype vacuum cleaner casing -- not used Norman Bel Geddes 8/2/35 3/10/36
D99875 Prototype vacuum cleaner casing -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 10/31/35 6/2/36
D99876 Prototype vacuum cleaner casing with removable dust drawer -- not used Gustaf Einar Lofgren 11/1/35 6/2/36
D103240 Model XXX floor brush, 1st version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 1/2/37 2/16/37
D106662 Model XXX casing Lurelle Guild 3/25/37 10/26/37
D106663 Model XXX front cover, 1st version Lurelle Guild 3/25/37 10/26/37
D106664 Model XXX handle and trim Lurelle Guild 3/25/37 10/26/37
D106665 Model XXX rear cover, 1st version C. L. Brown, Jr. 9/8/37 10/26/37
D106666 Model XXX runners, 1st version Gustaf Einar Lofgren 9/8/37 10/26/37
D109912 Model XXX plug, outlet end Lurelle Guild 11/16/37 5/31/38
D111512 Model XXX rear cap with louver, 2nd version Lurelle Guild 2/26/38 9/27/38
D116932 Teardrop-shaped upholstery cleaner. Lurelle Guild, application date 8/12/39, granted 10/3/39
D131346 Model XXX sprayer, 2nd version Lurelle Guild 12/10/41 2/10/42
D153271 Prototype vacuum cleaner casing -- not used Carl Oskar Ernolf 6/11/48 4/5/49
D158743 Polisher Lurelle Guild 10/26/49 5/30/50
D161076 Model XXX rug nozzle, 3rd version Oliver L. Allen 12/13/47 12/5/50
D167512 Model LX casing Lurelle Guild 4/24/52 8/19/52
D175345 Model E Casing Lurelle Guild 11/23/54 8/16/55
D178746 Rug nozzle -- used outside U.S.? Carl E. S. Andersson-Sason 3/21/56 9/18/56
D182589 Model AE/AF Floor Polisher attachment -- top part Lurelle Guild 5/21/57 4/22/58
D182658 Model AE/AF Floor Polisher attachment -- bottom part Lurelle Guild 5/21/57 4/29/58
D184910 B-7 Floor Polisher Leon P. Borkoski/John T. Ferraris 4/11/58 4/21/59
D186873 Model AF Cord Winder, 2nd version M. Belicka, A. Cawl, L. Guild 1/5/59 12/22/59
D194781 Model G cleaner casing Lurelle Guild 7/24/61 3/12/63
D196632 Swedish Lux cleaner casing Carl E. S. Andersson-Sason 7/5/62 10/22/63


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