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Page Five (Models L through Present)

Model L - 1962

The Model L, made in four colors, was sold for 16 years — second-only to the Model XXX in terms of longevity. All four versions were the same machine in terms of motor and attachments although power nozzles were updated along with the upper-tier models. None of the Ls had all-electric hoses; even the latest version still had a pigtail connector on the motor end.

The first L was white with light turquoise trim; early G hose. The first L still had the R/E style switch with a black rubber tip. At some point that was replaced with a slider switch with matching light turquoise switch cover. All Ls had optional donut-style detachable cord winder.

Model L - 1967

Version 2 was light tannish-brown in color (not the same bronze as the late G, but it had the same-color hose and attachments).

Model L - 1968

Version 3 came out in dark turquoise and carried the 1205 colors.

Model L - 1974

Version 4 was done up in the same gold as the Golden Jubilee.


Model 1205 - 1969

First 1205 had G-style PN with white sheath, non-electric hose, front-end panel background color black. Bottom of machine smooth, dark turquoise metallic paint. Lettering on side of machine red. Motor: same as G. Handle; white metal w/ separate chrome G-style brush clip.

Model 1205 - 1970

Second 1205 had new PN with detachable telescoping wand, matching turquoise sheath, electric hose with pigtail on machine end., Front-end panel and bag door color light blue. Lettering on side of machine red. Motor: same as G. Handle: Metal, white metal, with no dusting brush clip.

Automatic control has a decal with the numeric indications.

Model 1205 - 1972

Third 1205 had new power nozzle with polished aluminum housing; first Electrolux PN that could be kept in upright position. New non-telescoping wand with turquoise sheath, new all-electric hose, front-end panel / bag door dark blue. Automatic control has raised letters embossed in the plastic rotating control.

Bottom of machine in new mottled or embossed texture; still dark turquoise metallic paint. Lettering on side of machine black. New, more powerful motor.

Model 1205 - 1973

Last 1205 --- Only change I know of was introduction of PN-2 and that may have actually occurred earlier.


Model 1210 - 1974 ("Golden Jubilee")

50th-anniversary model. Same machine as 1205 but in (rather garish) gold-tone color scheme. Same motor as 1205. Attachments in matching gold color. Hose off-white woven vinyl with gold and blue stripes.


Model Super J - 1975

Same gold-tone color scheme as Golden J but with new, more powerful motor. (Hence, more noisy!)


Since 1975...

I have included post 50th-anniversary models just for the sake of completeness; however, my interest in these machines is casual at best. Certainly, they hold no historical or aesthetic appeal for me.

Technically, my collection ends with the last model G but I do include the 1205 by virtue of its radical departure from the AE/F/G design mold and its other significant new features such as the electric hose. And, of course, the Golden J represents a milestone inasmuch as it was Electrolux's 50th anniversary model.

The Olympia, Silverado and Diamond Jiubilee are essentially the same machines with some slight variations, and all have the same motor as the Super J. (There are two versions of the Olympia: The first version has the Super J type handle, side bumpers and thinner rear wheels. The later version has the Silverado type handle, updated bumper strips and larger rear wheels.)

The later plastic-body machines have more powerful motors and are very noisy, due to the higher RPM of the motor as well as the inferior sound-absorbing qualities of plastic over metal. (So much for the gentle purr of the Model XXX or the calming shssssssh of the Model G...)

Here are the dates for the post Super-J machines up to the most current model:

Olympia 1 - 1978

Silverado - & Silverado Special - 1982

Diamond Jubilee - 1984

Marquis - 1987

Grand Marquis - Legacy - Ultralux - 1988

Diplomat - 1989

Epic 6000-6500 - 1992

Renaissance - 1993

Guardian - 1998

Guardian Encore - 2000

"Aerus-Electrolux" Lux 9000 - 2001


Electrolux Logos Over the Years

Here are the various Electrolux logos from 1924 to present. Some logos were for print and advertising, others were for corporate identity, others were for use on the actual machines.


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