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I recently had the good fortune to find the optional wheeled caddy for the Lewyt, called the "Step Saver" in the instruction manual.

I debated adding this component to the machine since it did not actually come with it, but it was in as near-perfect as the sweeper so I felt it would be fine to add it. Besides, who knows ... maybe it originally did have one and it got lost.

Plus, once I attached the caddy to the machine and saw how beautifully it complements the ensemble, what can I say? It would be silly not to add it just for the sake of obsessive purism!

(Now, all I need to find is the handy wall storage unit, and the optional carpet beautifier, and I'll be in Lewyt heaven!)

Here are some photos of this new accessory.


Above: Before...     Below: After






Another "Before" ... and "After"





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