The Oak Tree Ranch

This past weekend, Arlee and I drove up to a lavender farm near Ojai, California – about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles.

Purple is my favorite color and lavender is my favorite fragrance. So, naturally, I was quite happy with Arlee's plan to take this day trip!

The farm, called "The New Oak Ranch," is a beautiful, serene location. Long rows of gracefully curving lavender of several different varieties and hundreds of recently planted olive trees give the farm a Mediterranean ambience. And the scent — just heavenly!

We had a great time just relaxing and wandering around, picking lavender and enjoying the fragrant lavender and colorful vistas. Visitors can cut bundles of lavender; a very generous fist-full only costs five dollars!

Following are a few photos of the farm, and then some of downtown Ojai where we went afterward and continued our quiet, relaxed day. Enjoy! :)

(Check out their web site at




Bees love lavender! Luckily for humans, these bees are very friendly and gracious, and don't mind sharing.














On the way to Ojai


An old church in downtown Ojai that's now a museum


A quaint Ojai sidewalk


View of the mountain range above Ojai


A great used book store with lots of personality.


No, this is not an Ojai municipal bench! It was the Fourth of July weekend and people stake claims on prime spots along the main street for the Independence Day parade by bringing out lawn chairs, folding seats, benches ... and ... couches!




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