Vacuum Cleaner Collectors
Mini-Meet in Kentucky
February 2007

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Okay, I took in a bit of air when I saw this. I had not seen one of these Eurekas since I was about three years old, but have VERY vivid memories of it: One of our neighbors in Virginia had one and always kept it in their garage. I got into quite a bit of trouble when I "broke into" their garage (by rolling up the unlocked door just enough to slip underneath) to see it again! Imagine my utter delight when John and I worked out a deal for me to acquire this machine at a very good price! (He also sold me an Air-Way Green Goddess that's missing the front rotating cover, so I will AT LONG LAST have a complete Green Goddess since I have two others in parts!! YAAAAYYY!!!)


The Eureka in action -- isn't she a beaut!!


Hoover Holiday - Rick B., note the maroon Belden cord!!


Modern Hygiene


1937 Electrolux -- the very first Model XXX


More Electroluxes


Electrolux XXX Polisher in original box


Hoover Baby (I =think= that's what it's called...)



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