Vacuum Cleaner Collectors
Mini-Meet in Kentucky
February 2008

While I was in Cincinnati performing with the Cincinnati Pops, several of my collector buddies, some of whom I had only met via the Internet, got together at my hotel. As we sat there chatting, the idea came to me to impose on John Young, who lives about 20 minutes away in Northern Kentucky, to let us come to his house to see his collection. Being a really good sport, he agreed. And so we did!


Left to right:
Jeff Schroff, Norm Brown, Michael Strain (a friend of Rob's),
Yours Truly, Rob Mitchell, and John Young


Some of John's Hoover Convertibles


More Hoovers


Hoover 150 - all original!


Robb checks out John's Hoover 25




Shelves o' vacs!


Electrolux Model CA - commercial model



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