Los Angeles Theremin Jam I   

Did we ever have a theremin shindig in Los Angeles this past July!

A “gaggle” of theremin enthusiasts, along with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers of Dave Weiner and his side-kick Shirley Cromb, gathered in front of Dave’s house in Mar Vista to have an impromptu theremin jam, with seven local thereminists entertaining an audience of 50 or so peple.

Dave’s place is in a perfect location for this — at the end of a cul-de-sac in a residential area. His neighbors were either enthused or indifferent about the event. That is to say, there were no wet-blankets on hand to spoil the fun!

Let’s see: Representing the theremin community were:
     Dave Weiner
     Mark Segal of Wavefront Technologies
     Ed Sussman (of Mars Attacks! fame)
     Chris Nibley
     Howard Ham
     Ross Marshall
     and yours-truly.

Am I forgetting anyone? Hope not!

Instruments on hand included:

RCA oldieDave
EtherwaveChris, + Longwave midi converter & portable midi studio (wow!)
EtherwaveEd, housed in an incredible sculpture/ pedestal and hot-rodded with all sorts of digital goodies
Moog MelodiaCharlie
Big Briar 91-ACharlie
Big Briar 91-ARoss

The evening’s music consisted of various solos and improvisations; but without a doubt the highlights of the night were the mass-renditions of the ubiquitous “The Swan,” with four theremin players; and then the theme from Summer Place and Gershwin’s “Summertime” with five of us playing along, some of us harmonizing (some of us intentionally...!). It was glorious.

The intrigued and attentive audience was generous with its applause and enthusiasm. It was clear that “a good time was had by all.”

After the “official” jam session, we invited audience members up to have a go on the theremins. A merry cacophony ensued, which surely demonstrated the good-spirited long-suffering of Dave’s neighbors!

I wanna personally thank Dave for hosting this jam session. It was an evening to remember, and to hopefully repeat soon!

It’s so great — I feel so fortunate — to live so close to so many theremin players and enthusiasts. Something like 40 names are listed on the T.E.C.I. membership from the L.A. area, and obviously there are more in town who aren’t on the ’net. What fun it would be to get all of us L.A. theremaniacs together for the biggest theremin jam in history!

Here are some photos from the event, taken by Dave Weiner’s neighbor Bart Everett, who has graciously allowed me to place them on this page. Thanks, Bart! (Click on the thumbnail images to see them full-size.)

Dave “Westdave” Weiner,
our gracious host

Intrigued onlookers!

Ed Sussman

Aerial view of
(clockwise, from lower-left)
Charlie, Ed,
Howard and Chris


Mark Segal

From left to right:
Chris, Howard, Charlie,
Ed, Ross, Mark



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