The Model 700 Special

The 700 Special was a gift to me from Stan Kann, given to me by him when he moved back to St. Louis in 2000. This is one of the earlier 700s as it has the on-off switch with the “H” knocked-out of the toggle area rather than just being a solid piece.

This is maybe the only rebuilt machine that's more beautiful than the original! I say this because it has a special,very ornate badge on the brush roll housing (see below) and a matching bag. Also, the housing was highly polished out, which was not the case when the 700 was new. These Hoovers came from the factory with a rather sateen, than “chrome-look” finish. (Again, these photos really do not capture the beauty of this machine.)

Most of the Hoover Specials were painted in brown or gray “wrinkle-finish” paint rather than than being buffed out, and had very mundane-looking badges and bags.


Isn’t that amazing! Even more ornate and fancy than the original badge — and for a rebuilt machine!!


Another view——


And I just couldn’t resist — one more view!


The very early replacement bag. Also note its detail with contrasting weave around the Hoover logo.


See how clean the underside is.


“Hoover Makes Rugs Last Longer”


This was called a “spreader-top” bag. The top is spring loaded and has a scissors-type action. As you raise the handle, or the bag starts to f ill with dirt, the top spreads out to hold the bag in place, rather than it dangling from a long spring or cord. These are extremely rare today.


A view of the spreader top extended. I never, never, never do this for fear of breaking the little straps on the bag that hold the spreader in place! When I store the machine I have a long hook that allows the spreader to remain in its closed position. But, again, I did make a one-time exception for this special web page since most people will probably never, ever see this!! I very slowly and gently extended the spreader and took the photo VERY quickly! Note the loop in the center —- I am not sure what that is for.


Original plug with Hoover logo!


Want to see and hear the 700 in action —
as it BEATS as it SWEEPS as it CLEANS ?!
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