Halloween 2004

Well, the Halloween Bug did bite this year (it doesn't always), and here are the fruits of my labors.

First, a big old ugly spider, whom I named Henrietta, decided to spin her web on the side of my van! This got quite a lot of hilarious double-takes, shocked stares and shrieks, especially when unwitting pedestrians would come upon her suddenly! Like the little girl with braided hair walking along with two of her friends -- when the girl saw the spider, her long braids shot up straight in the air --- {{{*BOYYYNNGGG!!!*}}} just like in the movies! Well, not really of course, but if they COULD have, they WOULD have! That's the kind of reaction she had, along with an ear-piercing screeeeeam!


Corny-looking? Of course! But you'd be surprised just how real this looks when whizzing by people on the freeway!


Side view


Close-up on Henrietta's latest treat!


Note the strange-looking old lady peering out the rear window...


Then, speaking of which ... Yes, I did another "scary old lady" this year... This is Mrs. Gertie Grimstead. It's not a make-up job on me but, as I have also done in the past, she's a portable dummy -- I had lots of fun propping her up at the front door of our apartment, hiding her support strings so she appeared to be floating out toward you! (The unwitting mail man was not amused... I'm STILL picking up mail from all around the front door!!) I also stuck her in the back seat of my van, peering out the back window. I could see in my rear-view window many puzzled people behind me, wondering why this ugly old lady was staring at them!


"A pretty girrrrrl, is like a melody..."


Side view...


She really does appear to be floating in mid-air, doesn't she!! (It's my little secret as to how I did it!)


Looking out the rear window. This was a very hard photo to take, and none of the ones I took really did it justice. This was the most effective at night when cars' headlights from behind would shine on her.


With rear hatch open - see how she's pushed one side of the curtain aside and is really leering out at passers-by! I had her like this in the parking lot at church ... where several new new members coming to the A.A. meeting that night must have been wondering if they were "seeing things" again.....!!!


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