Glinsky Lecture & Book Signing at Borders, Costa Mesa, California

In July 2001, Albert Glinsky, author of THEREMIN: ETHER MUSIC AND ESPIONAGE, was on hand at Borders Bookstore, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California, to present a lecture and slide show in conjunction with the release of his book.

I was there to perform on and demonstrate my Ethervox theremin.

Following are some photos from the event.


Charlie plays; Albert contemplates the meaning of life.


Albert's slide presentation.


Woo-n-wabble wannabes line up. Good turn-out, eh?!


(That tangled mass of cables on the floor is not mine!
I had to borrow a strip from Borders because mine blew up.)


Charlie and Albert


Left to rght:
Mark Segal, Dave Weiner, Charles Richard Lester, Albert Glinsky


Looks like Albert finally figured out the meaning of life...



The following photos were taken by Dave Weiner, who has a better digital camera! Thanks Dave!!


Charlie plays the "air air theremin!"


Albert and Charlie chatting before the thronging hordes arrive.


Dave Weiner's RCA. Isn't she purty!


Charles Richard Lester's "leftie" Ethervox


Albert patiently explaining for the 4,357th time that, no, Prof. Theremin was not captured by KGB agents!


Albert patiently explaining for the –4,358th– time that, no, Prof. Theremin was not captured by KGB agents!


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