About My Family

My parents, Minnie Jeannette Jessup and William Harold Lester, Sr., were married on June 15, 1947. My father is a retired minister and my mother a retired church organist, singer and choir director. They live in Newport News, Virginia.

Here are some photos from their wedding:

This photo was taken in 1965:

This was taken around 1990:

In 1997, at their Golden Anniversary celebration:


I am the second-youngest of five children.

My oldest brother, William Harold Lester, Jr. (Bill), is a retired Air Force Sergeant living in Newport News, Virginia.

Next-oldest is Dr. Noel Kirby Lester, Chair of the Music Department of Hood College, Frederick Maryland and concert pianist.

Then there’s my sister, Kathie Jeanne Lester, a nurse who lives in Davidsonville, Maryland.

And, finally, the “Baby” of the family is Timothy Mark Lester, a singer and church musician living in Miami Beach, Florida.

This is another photo from my parents’ 50th Anniversary:
Back row: Kathie, Billy, Noel. Front row: Tim, me.


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