The Fairfax!

I finally found a vacuum cleaner that I have been looking for for many years, a vintage Fairfax. This is a model S-1. I do not know the exact date of manufacture but am going to guess late '50s based on various design and construction-material elements.

As you can see, this is a dramatically styled robotic vision in chrome that looks very much like R2-D2's kissing cousin! It's not often I get in an old sweeper that makes my bland and blasé (regarding vacuums, that is) housemate stop and take a second look. But he did oooh and aaah when he saw this beauty!

Here are some pix, which do not really do the machine justice: It's hard to get good photos of all that chrome! And every tiny scratch, nick and flaw catches reflected light, so this machine looks in photos to be much more scratched up than as it really appears in natural light.


Ain't this baby a beauty!


I got the whole shooting match -- vacuum cleaner with all the standard* attachments, plus all the original paperwork, original boxes, and attachment storage caddy. Plus two added attractions, a floor polisher attachment and an adapter for wet pickup! (*There are some extra, optional, deluxe attachments depicted in the instruction manual that I did not get, including a hair-dryer, window-squeegee, and a vibrator, darn!)


These boxes are in amazing condition!


See what I mean about the scratches? It really does not look like this "in person" -- it looks like a mirror.


This is the most bizarre floor polisher you ever saw! The motor unit detaches from the base and clamps onto this Rube-Goldberg contraption. A shaft from the motor rests against that raised spindle in the center, which in turn causes the large brush to revolve by means of a rubber belt. It makes a wild, grinding woo-woo-woo-woo sound! The jury is still out as to what kind of job it actually does, however. So far, all I have done is play with it.


Arlee obligingly gives the floor polisher a whirl, demonstrating how the wands attach to the base and form a steering handle.


Just one more shot of this amazing polisher!


Instruction booklet & paper filters


This mystery accessory was included in the attachment set, but I am not sure what it is used for. It's a small, kinda fuzzy thing with a sort of narrow strip at the end of it. Do you have any idea what it might be used for? tee-hee! (I'll bet the nice lady who packed and sent the sweeper did not notice that this was in the attachment box! It was, thankfully, deceased by the time it arrived in Hollywood! I emailed and asked her about it but she has not replied... maybe she is too embarrassed!)



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