I have been a professional thereminist for more than 20 years. I am approaching retirement and "wind-down" time, so I am making a reduction of my inventory of instruments and related equipment.

I am offering for sale a left-handed Ethervox midi-interface and midi-controlled analog theremin, manufactured in 1999 by Moog Music.

Approximately 50 Ethervoxes were made. According to Moog Music, only four or five are left-handed models.

The serial number on mine is 011, meaning it was the 11th one made. Retail price for a standard right-hand Ethervox was $3500. Producing mine as a left-handed instrument added about a thousand dollars to the cost.

The Ethervox is in every way a professional musical instrument - the response and tone of the theremin and the powerful audio equipment would please any working thereminist. The Ethervox is considered by many to be the most rich and beautiful-sounding theremin since Leon Theremin's original instruments.

It is in 100% perfect working order.

Some of the circuitry was customized for me by Robert Moog. (See link below to Moog Housecall.)

It has seen a lot of traveling in the 17+ years I've owned it; as with any orchestral instrument, the cabinet has gotten some minor dings and scratches over the years. However, these insignificant cosmetic flaws do not in any way affect the instrument's performance and indeed add to its patina.

It has special gold-plated antennas (much of the gold has worn off), with the original padded antenna jacket.

The base and legs have a custom black finish.

The cabinet was signed by Bob Moog and his factory crew when it was manufactured.

The instruction manual and original sales literature are included.


(Note: Scroll down to the end for many photos.)


Here's an excerpt from the original sales literature:

Since the 1920s the theremin has intrigued people with its space-controlled, highly expressive sound. Now you can have a theremin that combines classic tone and playability with the latest music technology -- the world's first MIDI theremin: The Ethervox.

On stage, in the production studio, or in your home music room the Ethervox performs in the tradition of the finest musical instruments. The visual appeal of its unique hand-crafted and hand-finished mahogany cabinet perfectly complements the instrument's carefully crafted state-of-the-art circuitry.

Antenna response has been adjusted to give the best possible combination of range and playability.

Three specially designed tone color controls enable you to tailor the sound quality to your music.

Three continuously-variable timbre control knobs include:

WAVEFORM (predominant overtones)
BRIGHTNESS (overall strength of overtones)
FILTER (how rapidly overtones decrease with higher pitches)

Tone colors range from traditional theremin timbre, to flute, string or vocal quality.

The Ethervox's front panel provides convenient access to all controls, switches and MIDI parameters. Connections to external equipment are taken care of with the aid of a custom patch box and snake.

The antenna circuits use large, high-efficiency air-core antenna inductors.

Operates on any power voltage without having to be switched or modified.

The Ethervox integrates easily into any MIDI setup. Several menu options let you match your Ethervox's MIDI data to the other resources of your MIDI setup. Many MIDI sequencers provide editable high resolution graphic displays of pitch bend and control change data streams, which enable you to use standard techniques to modify your MIDI recording. The Ethervox's MIDI data can be played back through the Ethervox itself, or through any MIDI sound generator that is capable of wide-range pitch-bend. Thus you can create a virtually limitless array of dramatic and expressive continuously varying musical gestures simply by moving your hands around the Ethervox's antennas, and you can fine-tune each gesture once you've recorded it in your sequencer.




Custom-made amp/speaker stand based on the design of the original speaker enclosures made by Leon Theremin.

Audio equipment includes:

—QSC PLX1802 1800-watt power amp (retailed for $1200 in 2005) with manual & warranty info —Studiomaster Diamond 8-2 Club mixer

—Alesis Microverb III

—Pyramid Studio Pro equalizer

—12" mid-range speaker

—6"x9" wide range speaker




Two custom heavy-duty road cases made by Encore (

Retail cost at time of purchase: approx. $550 for the set.

—Finished with bright-yellow smooth filon
—Large, heavy-duty, easy-gliding casters
—Heavy-duty lockable latches

Case No. 1
2" polyfoam interior
External dimensions 36" x 31" x 15"
Vertical divider to create two compartments
Weight (with equipment): 110 lbs.

Case No. 2
2" polyfoam interior
External dimensions 28" x 24" x 22"
Weight (with equipment): 100 lbs.

Rubbermaid "Action Packer" Case
External dimensions 26.5" x 19.3" x 17.4"




Sale price for the Ethervox theremin and audio equipment as described herein:

$US10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents)

Payable ONLY via:

—Cash, if the buyer is local and can meet me at my bank so I can immediately make a deposit. I will have the theremin with me to make immediate transfer of ownership upon the cash being verified and deposited.

—Electronic bank-to-bank transfer. I will provide my bank routing and account number. As soon as the transfer is deposited into my bank account I'll immediately ship the theremin.

I will NOT accept personal checks, money orders of any kind, credit cards, or PayPal or other on-line money services.

If the buyer wants to place the funds in escrow for their protection, that's fine. is a good on-line escrow service that's recommended by eBay.

NOTE: If the purchaser only wants the Ethervox theremin with its Encore road case and not the other equipment, I will be willing to offer just the Ethervox for:

$US7,000.00 (Seven Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents).

The buyer agrees that this instrument is sold AS-IS, with no warranties or returns.




Local pick-up in Los Angeles would be the easiest and most economical way for the purchaser to collect the instrument. Transport via Federal Express Ground would cost approximately $500.00 for the three cases. (The two Encore cases are rated as over-size and over-weight.)




Here's a quick, rough and dirty demo video made just before creating this notice of sale. (No critiques, please. "It Is What It Is.")

Bob Moog made a house call in 1999 to do some customizing work for me:

Here's my web site, with many photos of the Ethervox in action:




Email: theremin "at"

(change "at" to the "@" symbol).


















































Thank you for your interest in this sale.