This beautiful cir. 1942 Eatonia vacuum cleaner came my way on Valentine's Day 2002. This is Industrial Art at its highest and most refined form, truly deserving of a space in a museum. It was made in Holland where the standard voltage is 220 volts but, oddly enough, runs on 110 volts.

It bears a striking similarity to the U.S.-made Universal machine of the same era. Even the attachments are similar. (See last two photos.)

My collection of space- rocket- and atomic-age machines continues to grow, and this certainly is a notable and wonderful new addition!

(Update: I rec'd the following information about the Eatonia from fellow collector Doug Smith: "The reason that it's 110 Volt is it was made in Holland for the T. Eaton Company Department Stores in Canada (hence the Eatonia name). In Europe they were sold as Erres machines and in England they were called Remoco....")