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Webmaster's Note: I recently received an email from Canadian collector Doug Smith, telling me about his visit to Vacuum Cleaner Legend Stan Kann, and he included some wonderful photos. With Doug's and Stan's permission, I present those photos here.

Doug Wrote:

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Stan Kann on a trip through St. Louis and, I must say, it was definitely the highlight of the trip. Stan is a fascinating person to talk with. We chatted for more than 3 hours. His collection of machines is really something else and he has restored most to showroom condition.

I surprised him when I actually remembered the theme song to the show (The Stan Kann Show) he did in Canada over 20 years ago. I think I remember the words right. Only one I'm not totally sure of is the 3rd line:

Stan Kann!
Yes he can.
He's your friendly neighborhood Superman.
He's at, your command.
Any time you need a hand.
Can he cook?
Can he bake?
Can he fix anything you break?
Can he help you build most anything you can?
If anybody can; Stan Can!

All in all I'm very glad I got the chance to meet him.

Here are some photos I took of him and his collection.

Stan Kann Can!


A queue of Electroluxes. And an Apex and a Filtex.


Getting ready to use his Electrolux Model V.


Air-Way Chief.


Kirbys, Hoovers, Premiers, Eurekas...


Kirby Classic III and Ohio Tuec.


Another view of the Ohio.


A different Ohio.


Close-up. What a beautiful machine!


Singer R1.


Singer R3.


Closer view of the R3.


A row of Singers. Does this make a choir?!


Hoovers as far as the eye can see.


Bringing up the rear -- Graybar; a very early Eureka, two Apexes; Delco.


The Hoover 972 -- a vacuum on steroids!


What a monster!


More Hoovers.


Stan and Doug.  
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