Hello, I’m Charles Richard Lester – CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Director, Creative Director, Owner, Production Artist, Gopher, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher – of 137 Technologies.

I offer comprehensive website design and consultation services. My rates are competitive; my design and production skills are outstanding. I can provide all the necessary services to get your website on the Internet:

+ Layout and “structural” design
+ Proofreading & editing
+ Domain name registration
+ Website hosting
+ Producing, publishing and publicizing
+ Search-engine listing

Let me create your website presence! Whether you want just a personal home page, or an extensive corporate presence, I can help you stake your claim in cyberspace.

Please drop me an email [change "at" to the "@" symbol in the email address] outlining the overall nature and scope of your anticipated website and I shall be happy to provide you with an estimate.

Here's a list of current and past clients.




The Reed Organ Man

Westdave Creations



Ardmor Realty
(Archive of an inactive site)

Chuck Mellon - Financial Guru

Church Music Services
(Archive of an inactive site)

Noel Lester, Pianist
(Archive of an inactive site)

Patrick Reynolds, anti-smoking activist

Robert Turner, Pipe organ Builder
(Archive of an inactive site)

(Archive of an inactive site)

Vacuum Cleaner Collectors' Club
(Archive of an inactive site)

Wavefront Technologies
(Archive of an inactive site)

Wilshire United Methodist Church
(Archive of an inactive site)


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