The Great American Garage Clean-up!

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"The crap is as high as an elephant's eyeeeeeee..."


You just can't have too many old hoses.


No, these are not the same ones that are lying in a pile outside. This is MORE hoses. (See the red hose with the white criss-crossing about a third of the way from the left? That's the original hose for my treasured Modern Hygiene tank cleaner!) How many can YOU identify?!


How would you like to untangle THIS mess? There's gotta be 200-300 cords here...


Happy as a clam, getting to use the Silverado!


Even happier'n a clam using the Legend II. (Yes, that is a 517 bag on it. The Legend's original bag came with a funky dog-smell that I could never get rid of.)


Dueling vacuums...



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