The Great American Garage Clean-up!

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No, Rich, that's not the jet-pack from Rocketeer, so do NOT try to soar off of the roof on it!!


Well, shut-up already...! Aren't you OVER IT yet? I know people whose LIVING ROOMS look like this (not naming names, but, like, some of the people viewing these photos...!!)


I'm running out of clever captions... any ideas?


Wow. There IS a floor in here... orange cut-pile carpeting that matches the color of our apartment building. (No, it was NOT my idea to paint it that color.)


They look SO innocent, don't they...


We won't mention the nest we found made of seagull feathers, or the MANY little clumps of 'possum fazoo... Ick.


Rich has some good ideas for all these cords...



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