The Hoover Celebrity II

I do hate the hose on this thing - waaaaaaaa too short. I think I may have a spare Hoover hose around here somewhere that I can use for the machine end, then attach a longer coiled hose and at the other end, don't fall into a dead faint Hoover fans, but I think I am going to put an Electrolux handle so I can use Electrolux tools with it. I have white Lux attachments that will look nice with it. The attachments that came with this thing are really cheap and crummy, and the floor-rug nozzle is about as lousy a tool as I have ever seen. I am REEEEEEALLY impressed with the power of this machine. Truly amazing. It has to be one of the, if not THE most, powerful machines of its era.


"Come on in and sit a spell."


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