Our dear sweet doggie, Oz, who is 15 years old (born in January 1990), has taken a sudden and dramatic downturn in health and is growing sicker and weaker by the hour.

He has been getting "decrepit" for some time now, gradually losing his eyesight and hearing and developing arthritis and becoming incontinent. But until this week, he had seemed happy and at ease despite his old-age infirmities. He has been eating and drinking well all along, and has always responded to our love and attention. We decided as long as he had an appetite and did not appear to be in any pain we'd keep him going.

However, Tuesday when I got home he was sprawled flat out on the kitchen floor, appearing to be nearly unconscious. Arlee said he had taken him out earlier and he had tried and tried to make "poo poo" but was unable to and eventually just collapsed onto the ground. He was breathing very heavily and laboriously and did not seem comfortable.

The strangest thing is that all of a sudden, a large, soft mass has appeared on his left side along his rib cage. It is clearly some kind of tumor or growth, but it literally just appeared out of nowhere. We pet him and groom him daily, so we would have noticed this right away, especially as big as it is. I am telling you, it was not there until Tuesday, and it is very large - about the size of half an orange.

I kept an eye on him throughout the night on Tuesday -- and in fact was prepared to take him to the vet Wednesday morning ---- but he did seem to start feeling better. His breathing returned to normal and he was more responsive to me, and did finally "go" with a little assistance. And he ate a full meal and drank water in the morning.

But he is no longer his old self. He is incoherent and barely lucid, seemingly unaware of our presence unless we get right down on the floor with him and pull him into our lap. He has started wandering around in a daze, unaware of where he is or where he is going, sometimes just walking around and around in circles until he gets dizzy and falls down. Today, when I was holding him in my lap he peed on me -- something he has never done despite his recent incontinence. And he did not even seem aware that it had happened. Which, I suppose, is a blessing in a way because it would have made him ashamed. Also, he has not been eating - he did nibble at his food this morning and it was finally gone by mid morning, but he usually would gobble it all down in a couple of bites.

So Arlee and I have decided it's time to do the merciful thing for him, and we are going to take him to the vet on Saturday.

He's had a good long life and has been through quite a lot, even cheating death when in 1997 he snuck out of the house, ran up the street and got run over. He barely pulled through that one and we were devastated by all that he had to go through. The vet said he was "one tough little doggie" and he proclaimed his recovery "miraculous." We were hoping that as he got sicker and weaker, nature would take its course. But it seems his stubbornness has kicked in and he is fighting the inevitable.

He loved going to the beach. Something he shares with his "Daddy." Both Arlee's and my most cherished memory of him is taking him down to Santa Monica very early in the morning when no one was around and just letting him go free -- he would run like the wind, up and down the shore, dancing and prancing in the water, romping and running and playing with the seagulls. He looked so exhilarated and joyful -- a free, happy spirit ---- we could hardly coax him along to come home. So we are going to have him cremated and then bring the ashes down to the beach and scatter them, where we know we'll be releasing his soul and spirit at his most-favorite place.

We want to thank all of you who have been through his ups and downs with us. You know who you are. But I especially want to thank my friends Randy and Heather. About five years ago, Oz's skin problems - which he had had since he was very young - got so bad that we were afraid we were going to have to put him asleep then because he was so miserable. Scratching and scratching and scratching until his skin was raw and almost all the hair on his back had fallen out. Heather gave us some very good "holistic health" advice as to how to treat his skin. We followed her regimen and saw IMMEDIATE improvement. His skin cleared right up and healed, and his hair grew back. Not as full and soft as it was, but that, I think, was also partly due to his age. But the best part was that he was comfortable and happy again and has not had any "scratching attacks" since it cleared up back then.

This is gonna be really tough for all of us. We've had him since he was a little puppy, so we really don't want to have to say goodbye. But we do know that it's time to. Even our other two dogs sense something is wrong, and they have been tiptoeing into the kitchen where Oz sleeps and sniffing around. They both clearly can sense that he's slipping away.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he makes his way to Doggie Heaven Saturday morning at 10:00, and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, also.



Here are some of our favorite photos of Oz.

























Addendum 8-21-05

Well, the deed was done Saturday. With very heavy hearts, Arlee and I took Oz to the vet. As I knew it would be, his transition was peaceful and uneventful. He just slipped away. Arlee and I had a good long cry together, sadly saying good-bye to our sweet, sweet baby.

We are waiting to get Oz's ashes - they said it will take a week or so. That's a little unsettling, but what can you do. When they come, we're going to go to the beach with them. Then in a little while, we're going to have a memorial outing in his honor at the same park where we had his 10th birthday party. Details on that will be forthcoming as they are finalized.


Friday night, the last night Oz was here with us, I went in to the kitchen to his little corner, with my camera to take a couple of last photos of him. I saw Pep-pep, one of our little Pekes, standing there just looking at Oz. She looked up at me when I came in with a very sad and puzzled expression, as if to tell me she knew. I got a couple of photos of her standing there. I said to her, "Oz is going to go bye-bye." She looked at him, looked at me, looked at the door, and then turned and walked out of the kitchen looking very sorrowful. That was a very intense moment.





Saturday night when I got home from playing my concert, I just instinctively headed back for the utility room off the kitchen where he has been staying for, gee, the last year at least.

(He used to sleep on the foot of my bed but when he started "going" at night in his sleep, that had to stop. The next phase was a little doggie bed on the floor by mine, and eventually even that did not work out because he was going all over the house and in his little bed.

So we had made a "nest" for him in the kitchen where we could contain him -- a bottom layer of a "pee-pee" pad and then a thick rug on top of that. It was very sad for us, but he just couldn't have free run of the house anymore. We had to change his bed at least daily, sometimes twice a day. He was very comfortable there once he settled in and got used to his new place, and his world started getting smaller and smaller.

It got to the point where literally all he did was sleep, wake up to eat and drink, go out to do his business, then come back inside and go right back to sleep, where he usually stayed until someone bothered him. He would frequently wake up in the night and start howling to go out, but sometimes he didn't wake up even for that.)

Anyway, when I got home that Saturday night, it was not until I turned the corner and saw the empty rug on the floor in front of the dryer that I remembered. This was the first time that I really lost it. I had been fairly stoic all day even when we were at the vet, but tonight it finally hit me. He's gone. And our place feels very, very empty without him.

We have put together a little memorial for him that we'll keep around for a little while. It consists of one of the rugs he liked to sleep on, a snip of his hair, two photos, his collar, flowers from our friend Oya, a picture of a dolphin (symbolizing his new playmates), a candle, and a little statue of St. Anthony of Padua.









St. Anthony (1195-1231, Canonized 1232 by Pope Gregory IX) is, among other patronages, a Patron Saint of domestic animals.

"Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. We are full of words but empty of actions, and therefore are cursed by the Lord, since he himself cursed the fig tree when he found no fruit but only leaves. It is useless for a man to flaunt his knowledge of the law if he undermines its teaching by his actions."

-- from a sermon by St. Anthony



Addendum 9-19-05

This morning Arlee and I got up at 5:30 and drove to Santa Monica. When the sun came up and filled the horizon with a glorious pink glow, we cast Oz's ashes onto the wet, hard sand right at the edge of the ocean where he loved to run and play.

I had not given any thought as to how we would actually do this. But when the time came, I -- instinctively and without thinking about it -- held the urn over my head and tossed the ashes way up into the air with a long sweeping motion.

The larger particles scattered right down onto the gleaming sand, while the rest of it -- a very light, powdery ash -- lazily wafted into the air and was borne aloft by a light breeze that whisked the powder up into a radiant, luminescent haze as the rising sun beamed its warm rays through it. The fine, mist-like powder then settled down onto the sand; and, then, a wave glided up and silently carried his ashes away.

It seemed, in my heart, that Oz's soul was at that moment carried away as his physical remains were swept across the sand by the wind's loving caress, warmed by the pink glow of the sun, and then washed away into the ocean that he loved so much.

It was a dazzling, tremendous, beautiful moment, and it was then that I was finally able to let go of Oz and release him into the next phase of his journey.

But ....... we both do miss him so very, very much. And it's still hard to accept and believe that he's gone.











Here are some of the touching messages and tributes that we've Gotten.



I will of course have Oz in my mind and prayers. Just like Arlee and you, I have known him for so many years.

I was there when we took him home from Palm Springs, play with him when he was a puppy, the cutest puppy of them all, and he also was with us in some of our trips. He is a very affectionate, a beautiful and loving dog!

I know very well how you guys feel! Remember Chica and Nikki (from your neighbor Dario)? Chica died barely a month after she was given to me. Nikki lasted 6 years and died in her sleep (vet said he had some heart problem since birth), and Peppi, he was the oldest at 18. When you described Oz's condition, it brought back a lot of both happy and painful memories as Peppi were exactly like that during his last days. He was wailing and calling for Nikki for about a week, then he just got quiet, didn't want to eat, go outside, he just want to lie down. I even got a scolding from the vet when he told me why I let him get that old, bald, deaf and blind.

I told Arlee the other night that I found myself wondering in the Long Beach animal shelter last week Friday (I took a day off). I was looking around and the guy who works there asked if I am okay. I said yes, but I did not notice that I was crying. After barely few minutes there, I left as I couldn't take it anymore when I look at those dogs' eyes! They were pleading for me to take them. I guess after several years, I really am not ready to have another dog yet!



Thanks for letting me know about Oz, he is a big and good part of my life too. I will always have fond memories of him and he will always be remembered. I will surely miss him!!



I am so sorry to hear about Oz. I totally understand what you are going through. One year ago next Friday, we had to send our Siamese kitty, Riki, to kittycat heaven. It was a terribly trying experience but I am glad we were both there when he slipped away.

We had him cremated and his cremains are in our family room in an urn that has his picture on the front it. We had him the same amount of time Oz has been with you. I think going through that was worse than some of the deaths of family members.

Anyway, yes dear, you will be in my thoughts and prayers and just remind yourself how fortunate Oz was to live with you and for you and Arlee to have found him as well and the mutual fun, joy and pleasure that you brought each other.I was sorry to read about little Oz. He will certainly be in my thoughts this weekend.



I'm sorry that you're having to make this hard decision. Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family and there's nothing that anyone can say that will make it any better.

Just remember all the good memories and cherish those! Oz will always be with you...



What a sad day! I have been through this kind of unavoidable rite of passage twice, and both occasions are sadness landmarks in my memory that will always be there.

In April, when Sunshine was obviously becoming seriously ill, we took him to our wonderful vet - what a wonder she is, and she wanted to keep him for a few days of observation and blood tests. We visited him every day, and saw that he was not responsive to us at all, although he did not seem to be in pain. Priscilla, the Vet, called me after a few days, on a Friday, to say that "it was time." We drove down there sadly, and she took us to where Sunshine was, lying totally inert, not recognizing us at all.

Accepting the inevitable, we stayed with Sunshine as life slipped away, peacefully. When we arrived home, the other dogs sniffed us frantically, not having seen Sunshine for several days, and aware of his scent all over us, we having held him to the last.

It leaves a big hole in the heart which, I believe, will always be there. That is as it should be. I'm so glad you have those wonderful pictures, and you have each other, and two other wonderful dogs for comfort.

Wishing you strength,



Oh my.... certainly I know well the feelings!

Thoughts & Prayers...



You kept up a vigil for Oz, even when people doubted it was the right thing to do. You did it because you loved him and couldn't stand to see him miserable, nor did it feel right to say goodbye. It wasn't time yet. I admire you so much for that. I am very grateful for the extra years you and Oz had together. Now it seems the time has come. I really believe they let us know.

I think your idea of releasing Oz at the beach is beautiful. I know he will appreciate that.

Please remember; so many animals live and die without ever having known that someone loves them. Oz knows you love him and that is immeasurable.



I'm so sorry about your dog. As a fellow pet owner, I can understand exactly how it feels. Last year we had to put two of our cats to sleep. One of them went suddenly, like Oz. One was very old, and she could not do anything for herself any longer.

It's always difficult. Your other two dogs will be a comfort to you. One of the things I always make myself realize when I get a new kitten is that I'm also taking on the responsibility of the end of their life as well as the start.

I just wanted to say that I understand and sympathise with you. I've had to take them in myself, and that's the hardest part. My heart will be with you tomorrow.



Oh, Charlie...my heart goes out to you and Arlee. As you know, Noel and I have had to do the same thing in the past with our pets, and there's no getting around the pain. It's just awful. I'm SO sorry for you both. It does sound as if you are making the kindest decision for Oz though. I only wish it could be so peaceful and quick for people. He has had a great, spoiled, happy life with you two, and for that you should feel good. You will be in my thoughts as you deal with this. BIG hugs to you both.



Charlie - I know how you are feeling. After nursing my beloved Buster for over two years through progressive congestive heart failure I finally had to make the decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge. I took him to the vet and then cried for two days. No words can ease the pain except the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. I still get emotional just thinking about it and it has been over two years now. You and Arlee are in my thoughts and prayers.



I am so sorry about Oz. I know how hard it is. Gemini was 14 when I had to euthanize him and it was very painful, but it was time for him to go. He, too, had a strong will and his heart was not ready with the rest of his body. I will keep you and Arlie in my thoughts on Saturday and I know that Oz had a great home with you two.



Very sorry. Been there. Done that. One of life's most difficult decisions and times.

Warmest best wishes,



Oh how my heart goes out to both of you. I cried just reading this letter. Being an animal lover I truly know what you are going through. I am so glad you decided to do what you are doing on Saturday, I have done it to two of my animals and know that I have three cats that are almost 15 and are really starting to look their age and........

My prayers will be with you both tomorrow morning, and I know I don't have to tell you that once again he will be running on that beach and free from pain, but he will be missing you, but YOU will always have Oz in your heart. Love and kisses and a HUGE hug.



I'm so sorry that you are loosing this member of your family. I know he has been deeply loved and that you will miss him. But you are right -- this is the most caring thing you can do. He doesn't need to suffer longer that necessary.

I would like to know what treatment you used on his skin. I have a cat who constantly has some type of skin irritation. Right now her entire behind is bare because she has licked most of the fur off. I would love to find a cure for her problem.

My thoughts will be with you on Saturday morning.



I know how devastating this must be for you. I have lost some pets over the years too, but never one that had been around for so many years. I think Babe was 12 when she died, and that's still 3 years shy of Oz. Our thoughts are prayers are with you. Know that you are indeed doing the merciful thing.



What a beautiful email, Charlie. I'm going to save that in my files. Oz has had one lucky life. My condolences,



I will think of you & yours that day. I know you have a busy weekend this weekend---that will help. Surely Oz is grateful for all the years of care & caring-- including this decision. I'm sure the Vet & the Vet's staff will be a big help. It's good that you have a chance to talk about this...don't be shy to check in with all your friends...



Thank you very much for the email. I love dogs myself, and I lost my dear Pekingnese that we had for 9 years (She ran away). Anyhow, I can understand the pain and sadness you've been going through. But if you look at it this way, You have had a wonderful life and wonderful memories with Ozzy for 15 years, and that is something. You have my prayer for your lovely Ozzy, and I am sure he will have a good life in dog heaven.



One nice thing about an animal we can put them out of their misery. At least you had the joy of having him for so long. Memories have been created and that can be a comfort.



Your dog is lucky to have such a wonderful owner. You will be in my prayers. I often say it is merciful to be able to put these creatures out of their mercy. I wish they could do it with people Our dog is like our baby, so I know how tough this is. Know that you are doing the right thing.



I'm so sorry. I know how difficult it is to make that decision, but you know you're doing the right thing. You've been blessed with more than 15 years with Oz and will be reunited down the road. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



My deepest sympathy.I had the same experience a couple of years ago with my dog, Ezra. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. My prayers are with you. Gary



Having had to put my dear, beloved Labrador, Radar, down in 1990 at the age of 15 years (very old for a large dog), I fully inderstand. It was about the hardest thing I have ever done. But I recognized it was unquestionably the only caring, loving thing to do.



You are definitely in my thoughts. I'd love to have someone like you around when it's my time to go. Despite all the wonderful photos and memories, it is never easy. You've been there to share his happiest of moments, and now you are there for him when he needs your help most. I don't know if this will help your thought process or not, but it did mine.

My mom is dying from Alzheimer's. She is near her end but just recovered from an awful bout of respiratory pneumonia. We had been struggling with whether to give her medication or just let her go and since her body fought off this terrible struggle and won, we didn't feel we had the right to make the decision not to give her any more drugs.

The Doctor then told us something that made our decision easier for the next bout. He said it wasn't my mom that fought back with the will to live. That thought process had also been taken away from her with this awful disease. It was just the body kicking in with it's natural reaction to fight...not my mom's choice and her eyes had told us differently. If Oz has been that confused he's lucky to have you there to provide relief. Tell him to say hi to Sammi!!!



I am so sorry to hear about Oz. I know how painful it is. The most re-assuring thing that was said to me when I had to put my cat down once (due to cancer) was that I was doing right by her.

Well he's lucky to have had such loving and adoring parents - he couldn't have asked for better.

My sympathies,



Our thouhgts are with you. I have tears in my eyes because Oz has been around for a while. He is a very smart and happy dog. It's hard to lose a very cherised pet. We will miss "big dog, where's the big dog?" Oz.



Your message was so touching, it could almost be a story book of love. I am sitting here at my desk in tears hoping that no one will come in and see this old woman crying over a little dog. All of you have become my family. Although I don't see Oz often, through your love for him, I have also grown to love him very much. My prayers will forever flow.



I know how hard this is for you both---it is hard to let go of a beloved pet. We'll be thinking of you.....



Oh the joy and Oh the heartache when our beloved companions leave and follow some other trail, unseen by us. We fretted when they would wander off and get lost, knowing they could not manage on their own. I think we feel that they are lost and needy when they past on and we rest uneasily for a long time. It is only when we can picture them, bounding along a path, knowing a wonderful place is just ahead and that they will be waiting for us...when it is time.

My thoughts are with you....I have many furry loved-ones at the end of that trail and I have requested : Wolfie, Pupper, Sadie, Annie, Michael, Jessie, Toby, Jasper, Thor, Buck, Cho-Cho, Chi-Sha, Pukie, Kitty, Meeps, Shorty, Red & Lady, Penny and many more, to be sure to give Oz a glorious welcome ! Oz will be in safe paws...waiting.



You are the very model of responsible pet curators. I wsih you all peace.



My thoughts and prayers are with you and Oz. Believe me,I know what you're going through having been through it with 2 cats. I know you guys have done a great job bringing up Oz. Just remember those good times.



i am so sorry to hear about "Oz". i have had to do the same thing w/ a cat named Patsy a few years back, very difficult. it wasn't even "my" cat, but one that I had come to love and care for. I called my partner and insisted that he leave work for this difficult time and an hour later we said our goodbyes. we didn't get much notice or time to be "okay" w/ it. it was just thrust at us. so, again, I am sorry for your loss.



We are so sorry to hear about Oz. I know we only met him a few times, but we've always been rather taken with him...as I imagine everyone's always been. And of course he's been such a wonderful friend to you all these years. I hope you will all draw strength from each other. If there's still time, please give him a special petting for us. Our thoughts and our love are with you...now and well past Saturday.



Your email brings tears to my eyes, as I can't even fathom what you have to do. Jack's been with me for 3 years now, it would totally break my heart to have to say goodbye to him. My prayers are with you, and for Oz. He'll have an awesome beach to run and play on up in heaven. Peace to you.



We had to put our 18 year-old ginger cat, Kim to sleep last August 18th. She was going through some symptoms very similar to what Oz has been experiencing.

I'd started taking her to the Pasadena Cat Clinic about 5 months before. The vet would give her vitamins and such via injection, and she would rally for a few days. After that, she would go back down once again, and was losing weight at an alarming rate. The not eating and the rest were similar to Oz.

When I took her back to the vet,I was told that there was nothing more that could be done for Kim. We'd spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the months since March trying to get her to rally. She'd started looking at me with this sad expression in her eyes as if she wondered why Mommy was allowing her to suffer so. I felt really guilty because I anthropomorphized her and allowed myself to believe that she was blaming me for her pain. She seemed to prefer hiding behind the bed or nestling between the wall and the sofa.

After thinking it over, I knew that the greatest kindness I could do for Kim was to have her euthenized. Dr. Murphy and a nurse were with me, and were very gentle and considerate of my pain. They wrapped Kim in a little soft blanket with cute kitten cartoon all over it. I held Kim as Dr. Murphy gently inserted an IV in Kim's little paw. Dr. Murphy described the process to me, and it was very humane. When she asked me whether or not I was ready and I said I was, she slowly pushed in the plunger that had the medicine that would take Kim out of her misery.

Kim looked at me, took a deep breath, and just relaxed in my arms. Just like that. No mewling, convulsing, or anything macabre. Her eyes were still opened, which made me sad, and Dr. Murphy reached over slowly and carefully brushed them shut. She and the nurse left me alone with Kim for awhile while I cried buckets. They told me that I could stay with her for as long as I wanted to, and when I was finally done crying, I opened the door.

The nurse came to me and put her arms around me like I was a little kid. I started crying a bit again, and then was able to compose myself somewhat. She sat with me and we talked awhile about my guilt and sadness over what I'd felt I had to do. The nurse, also named Kim, said that responsible owners euthanized their beloved pets rather than let them die painful slow deaths.

About a week later we received a cute kitten-shaped plaque with Kim's paw print in it! It was accompanied by a sympathy card signed by each of Dr. Vanderhoof's clinic staff. I cried all over again because I was so touched at their sensitive handling of the process. I had to break the news to my son over the telephone, since Kim had been his pet since he'd been 4 years old. I had to really practice what I was going to say, because I knew it would be hard. He cried over the phone, and this tore me up. He finally ask me about the process. After hearing what it involved, he agreed that this was the most loving way to deal with Kim's end-of-life situation. We still have the memories, pictures, sympathy, and paw print as tributes to 18 wonderful years with a faithful and beloved pet.

I hope this message brings you some measure of comfort, Charlie. Thanks for sharing your pain with me and allowing me to hopefully ease yours.



This is most touching and heartfelt... As I lay here this morning with Luvee, I canšt imagine what you are going through...My thoughts and heart are with you guys... Know that Oz will continue to live on in your heart and mind...



You HAVE been through it, haven't you? What a wonderful thing it is to give one of God's creatures a safe haven filled with love!



My thoughts are with both of you, Charlie, in this difficult time.

I just picked up my emails today (Sunday) and so by now, I assume the deed is done. I've had pets my whole life and had to say goodbye too many times, so I have some idea of what you're going through. At least you'll have wonderful memories when you go to the beach.

I leave you with two of my favorite sayings that have comforted me each time (and brought me a deeper understanding):

"When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."
- Alexander Graham Bell

"He who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy, But he who kisses the joy as it flies lives in Eternity's sunrise."
- William Blake



I'm so sorry about your sweet boy. By now I'm sure he's in doggie heaven as I only opened your e-mail this AM (Sunday). I hope his end was peaceful and he's now "on the beach". It's so hard to say good-bye to pets. I liked your website page about this. Condolences to you.



Thank you Charlie and Arlee for the love you have given Oz all of his life. I'm beyond words, you are in my heart and my prayers. I can understand the days ahead will be tough, but Oz gave all of us such sweet memories and that keeps a smile on my face. I pray those memories will be a comfort for you and Arlee too.

Amen to his life and his pain free and happy life in Doggie Heaven!!!



You have my very deepest sympathy on the loss of your sweet, beloved Oz. I am sure when he is not playing at the beach, he will be following you around the house in spirit.



I am so glad you fiinally mentioned Oz, I was wondering how things were going. I can oh so symphonize with you and each time you lose one, things don't get any easier, It is difficult all over again. Glad you could share your experiece with Oz with me, thats what friends are for.



Hey guys, thank you for sharing your memories and I'm very sorry for your loss.

I remember receiving the delightful invitation to Oz's 10th birthday party, and seeing him and the others on my visits.

Take good care, will be thinking of you. Scott



I know that the loss of "OZ" was very hard on yourself and Arlee. The distribution of his ashes sounded just perfect. Your photos prove it! God was smiling on your little family that day to provide you with the perfect setting in which you were able to say your good-byes. OZ, upon your reunion on Rainbow Bridge, will be awaiting you arrival with some long sought after sweeper part in his mouth that you will have long since forgotten. What a joyous reunion it will be!!!

My mother moved over the weekend and I went back to my home town to clean her former home. I took a different route back home. I had passed this place a few months ago and it had a for sale sign at the gate. Today, when I passed it had been sold and the new owners had changed the name from Apple Hill Farm to "OZ!" You came to mind right away. Beautiful place with orchards and fields that you can see forever. Perhaps OZ is there romping before his trip to Rainbow Bridge.



I am so sorry to hear about Oz. I know how heart breaking it is to lose a pet. I am glad you both have so many wonderful memories of that cute little fellow. He really did bring a lot of joy into your lives, and many others too. He brought a smile to my face when I have visited you...he was so cute.



'Most humans live too long. But all dogs die too soon.'
-Albert Payson Terhune

I love the image of Oz cavorting at the beach. How wonderful that the three of you had so much time together. Much love to you.



I am thinking of you today. Here is something to try and ease the pain.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

(Author unknown)



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        More New Pet Photos

        Our Pets' Palm Springs Thanksgiving Getaway

        A Bird Rescue Story


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