Electrolux Model Automatic F


Here is a feature section of my web site about my Electrolux Automatic F vacuum cleaners. My set of early and late Model Fs is the most complete set of any machine in my collection. I have all the following stuff:

One Model F early
Two Model F late, one with original box
Four original hoses - two mint
Two sets of light-weight aluminum wands
Two combination bare-floor and rug tools (one early and one late)
Two combination dusting and upholystery brushes
Two crevice tools (one early [dark blueish-gray] and one late [light gray])
One De-mother in original box
One extension cord (eary version, white with generic Belden plug)
One extension cord (late version, light gray with "Electrolux" molded plug)
One paint sprayer in original box
One plastic dusting brush with black bristles
One white-bristle dusting brush
One white-bristle wall brush
One full package of original dust bags (with advertising on the tops)
One full-color 11x17 sales/promotional brochure
Two instruction brochures (one early and one late)
One Model PN1 electric power nozzle
One Model B7 three-brush electric floor polisher, instruction manual, scrubbing brushes, steel-wool-insert scrubbing brushes in original box, green buffing pads, maroon buffing pads, lambswool buffing pads, and unused can of wood floor wax
One TurboTool - complete setup with floor polisher and rug shampooer accessories, full bottle of Turbo shampoo, including original cartons and instructions
One “Casual Sweeper,” a carpet sweeper manufactured by Bissell for Electrolux.
"And a partridge in a pear tree..."

Electrolux made two different versions of the Automatic F from late 1957 until early 1960, with "sub-differences" (mostly with attachments, etc.) along the way.

Differences between the two models will be noted along with the photos below and on the following pages.



Early AF before restoration


Another view


After restoration


Another view


Late AF before restoration


After restoration


Another view


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